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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama: The Most Authoritarian of all Presidential Candidates

by Eric Dondero

Obama is "to the left of Mao Tse Tung" -- former IL State Senator Steve Rauschenberger

Last week Insight Magazine out of DC uncovered Barack Obama's ties to Radical Islam. They did an extensive, detailed investigative report titled "Barak Obama's Religious Problem" Insight Magazine. Insight found that Obama, son and then step-son of two Radical Muslim Fathers, attended a Madrassa in Indonesia for 4 years as a child. The Liberal Media, ABC and CNN of note, have gone nuts since trying to discredit Insight. Yet Insight has stood by their story, and have provided even further details on the connections.

Obama and his campaign are now on a nationwide tour trying to counter the growing controversy. The campaign issued a statement saying that Obama is a "pracitcing Christian" and always has been.

But the obvious question still stands, and is unavoidable. If you're not a Muslim, than why have a very non-Christian Muslim name?

One of America's most respected longtime libertarians, Worldwide Adventurer and Middle Eastern expert Dr. Jack Wheeler, recently wrote a column "The Audacity of Apostasy: Barack Obama's Muslim links."

Wheeler wrote, "He was born of a Moslem father, raised by a Moslem stepfather, and received his first education at a Moslem school. That he subsequently went to a Catholic school in Jakarta before living with his mother’s parents back in Honolulu makes no difference. In the eyes of Moslems, he originally was a Moslem. How can he not be in those eyes, with a Koranic first name and his middle name that of the grandson of Mohammed?"

Of particular interest to libertarians and other freedom lovers, Hussein Obama has the most hardcore Socialist voting record in the US Senate. Obama's voting record, first as an Illinois State Senator and now as a United States Senator, has been been nothing short of Radical Left. He's received a perfect 100% from the Marxist Americans for Democrat Action (ADA). Also, 100% from the pro-big government NEA and the Federation of Government Employees.

On the other side, Obama received a 0% from both Gun Owners of America and Americans for Tax Reform. Most recently, the National Taxpayers Union gave him a 6%. But back in 1999 as a State Senator he received a perfect 0% from NTU. In fairness, Obama did do slightly better, with the Small Business Council, 9%, and the American Conservative Union at 8%. Average that all up, and it comes out to about a 2 to 3% on the Freedom Scale. Translation; Hardest of Hardcore Authoritarian Statist.

From “Barack Obama is one of the brighter men I’ve worked with in the Legislature,” said State Senator Steve Rauschenberger (R.-Elgin), but he described Obama’s location on the political spectrum as “to the left of Mao Tse-tung.”

America should strongly consider electing a Black President or more likely VP. But someone with some integrity and a little more of the political mainstream, like Condy Rice, Colin Powell, or Michael Steele.

*Note - Eric Dondero is a US Navy Vet, who spent 9 months stationed in the Middle East: Bahrain and Djibouti. He speaks basic Arabic, among many other languages.


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