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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Council on American-Islamic Relations

CAIR's Hall of Shame

Insightful Moments of CAIR History (Arranged Chronologically)

July 2, 1998

CAIR Founder Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

At a Muslim conference, CAIR founder Omar Ahmad tells the room that Islamic hegemony should be the goal of every Muslim in America. His famous statement is caught by a journalist:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

Although other CAIR leaders, such as Ibrahim Hooper, have said essentially the same thing in candid moments, Ahmad has spent the past nine years pretending that he did not make that statement (perhaps there was a missing preposition or comma). To our knowledge, however, he has never denied that he wants to see America under Islamic law.

Anti-CAIR Link to Scanned News Article

October, 1998

CAIR Organizes Protest against Billboard Image of Osama

Two months after Osama Bin Laden kills over 200 innocent people in attacks on U.S. embassies in Africa, a Los Angeles radio station posts a billboard image of Osama with the words "Sworn Enemy."

CAIR defends Osama from allegations that he was involved in the attacks, and vigorously protests the billboard with rallies and a petition drive.

It is not until three months after 9/11 that the organization issues its only denouncement of the most famous Islamic terrorist in the world.

September, 2001

CAIR Redirects 9/11 Relief Donations to an Islamic Terrorist Group

This one is so despicable that it is mind-boggling how CAIR has even a shred of legitimacy left in Washington.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the organization posts a link on their site that purports to collect donations for the "NY/DC Emergency Relief Fund." The money that is collected from concerned donors, however, is redirected to the Holy Land Foundation, an organization that funnels money to the Hamas terrorist organization.

CAIR-Watch Article

December 30, 2002

Baptist Missionaries Gunned Down in Yemen
CAIR Implies They Had it Coming

On December 30, 2002, three American missionaries, including two women, were brutally gunned down by an Islamic fundamentalist in Yemen, posing as a father carrying a child. The three were dedicated to improving the medical condition of impoverished Muslims, and were murdered inside the hospital in which they worked.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations initially denounces the murder, but then releases a highly inappropriate press release suggesting that it is the missionaries who bring such attacks on themselves by sharing their faith in Muslim lands.

(At the time, CAIR was engaged in its own campaign of Muslim evangelism in America).

January, 2004

CAIR Civil Rights Director Pleads Guilty to Terror Charges
One of Several CAIR Staff Members with Terror Ties

CAIR's former communications specialist and civil rights director is one of several of the organization's staff members to be arrested on charges relating to terrorism. Some of the organization's current leaders, such as Nihad Awad, are on record expressing support for Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas.

To our knowledge, CAIR has never provided law enforcement with a single security tip in the War on Terror.

March 31, 2004

CAIR Sues Anti-CAIR... Big Mistake

March 31, 2004 is the high-water mark of CAIR's legal effort to intimidate Anti-CAIR (and any like-minded Americans) into staying quiet about the organization's scurrilous activities. After filing the ill-advised $1 million lawsuit against Andrew Whitehead for calling it a "terrorist-front organization" that receives partial funding from terrorists... things pretty much go downhill from there.

Someone apparently forgot to tell CAIR that a defendant has the right to discovery, which, in this case, means that CAIR would have to open its financial records to the light of day so that everyone could see who actually funds their semi-subversive activities.

The organization first tries to save face about a year later by dropping most of its original complaints. Then comes the final humiliation of having to all but declare defeat by dropping all claims.

Exact details of the "settlement" have not been disclosed, but needless to say, Anti-CAIR has not changed any of the statements that originally prompted the suit and, for it's part, CAIR merely cemented its reputation as a bully with a shady past.

Daniel Pipes Article on the Anti-CAIR Suit

May 18, 2005

CAIR Gets Caught Fabricating Hate Crimes

Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chada take a hard look at CAIR's database of hate crimes and discover that the organization engages in blatantly deceptive practices, including falsifying detail and inflating statistics in order to manipulate public opinion.

Pipes and Chadha find that CAIR misrepresented events that had been determined not to be hate crimes, including a Muslim man who set fire to his own business, and falsified others, such as a bombing in Houston that never occurred.

Muslim Hate Crimes Myths
CAIR's Hate Crimes Nonsense

November 7, 2005

CAIR's $1000 Rosa Parks Stunt

In a shameful exploitation of a civil rights icon, CAIR establishes a measly $1000 scholarship "in the name" of Rosa Parks merely to use her image on their website for conspicuous PR purposes.

The picture of Rosa Parks appears prominently on the CAIR site every day of the year, even as the organization adamantly refuses to denounce the Islamic Republic of Sudan for engineering the racist genocide of 250,000 black Africans at the hands of Arab Muslims in Darfur.

Meanwhile, the organization does what it can to protect the perceived rights of fellow Arabs in the Middle East, even if their condition is hardly comparable to what Arabs are imposing on Africans.

July 28, 2006

Extreme Site Makeover Following Deadly Jewish Center Attack

After weeks of demonizing Israel by peppering its website with one-sided articles and pictures on the Hezbollah-provoked conflict in Lebanon and the Hamas-provoked conflict in Gaza, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is forced into a dramatic site makeover on the news that a Muslim gunmen shoots six women at a Seattle Jewish Center, killing one.

CAIR quickly pulls its most inflammatory articles and images from its front page and replaces them with a stale public relations statement "condemning" the attack. It is not until the following week that the organization is able to return to whipping up anti-Jewish passions - and then with a noticeable drop in enthusiasm.

(See also, CAIR's Hijab Hijinks for a Photoshop makeover gone embarrassingly wrong.)

December 12, 2006

CAIR Identifies Omar Bakri as a "Muslim Voice against Extremism"

Sheikh Omar Bakri is fond of issuing incendiary rhetoric against non-Muslims, such as this command for believers to cut the throats of Westerners:

"When you meet [Westerners], slice their own necks. And when you make the blood spill all over, and the enemy becomes so tired, now start to take from them prisoners."

However, CAIR refers to Omar Bakri as a "Muslim Voice against Extremism and Terrorism," along with Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a strong advocate of suicide bombings, and former Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami, a leading supporter of the Hezbollah terrorist group.

(The best examples of humanity that the Religion of Peace has to offer seem to have a pretty tough time making the cut for the rest of us).

December, 2006

CAIR Condemns a Christian Video Game
(But Not Real-Life Muslim Sniper Videos)

CAIR puts its foot in its mouth over the Christmas holiday by condemning a Christian video game as being an exercise in violence, in which "Muslims are either forced to convert to Islam or shot to death."

Apparently they never looked closely at the game, since it turns out to be an anti-violence game that has nothing to do with Muslims.

Critics also wonder why CAIR never bothered to condemn the videotaped shootings of American soldiers in Iraq, which were being released at the same time as the video game. Article

January, 2007

Liberal Senator Rescinds Award to CAIR Based on "Concerns"

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer extends an award to a CAIR operative in California, but subsequently rescinds it over concerns that the organization refuses to denounce terrorist groups.

Embarrassed, CAIR quickly calls a meeting with the Senator in which its leaders are given the opportunity to denounce Hamas, one Islam's bloodiest terrorist groups. Amazingly, they are unable to bring themselves to do this.

Family Security Matters Article

February, 2007

CAIR Condemns Rubber Duck Hostage Video

The organization that has absolutely nothing to say when brutal videos of Muslims beheading and slashing the throats of innocent hostages while screaming praises to Allah are released suddenly finds a hostage video that it doesn't like...

Unfortunately, it isn't the killing of a real person in the name of Islam. It is a rubber duck which had been "captured" by Long Island University students in a mock video.

CAIR is more concerned that the students used "phony Middle Eastern accents" in a prank video, than it is about the most horrible violence committed by terrorists on tape.


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