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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Brigitte Gabriel Interview With Glenn Beck

Glenn: After preaching radical reform and the birth of a new era, the democratically controlled congress is, as I see it, but I'm a conservative, done nothing but bush bash and I place the blame squarely on the leaders of the leader, the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. Nancy, quite honestly, and I think I speak for most of America, we're bored with the bush bash thing. It's one thing to be ineffective here at home, but then again it's another to take your show on the road like Nancy is now doing on her trip to Syria, trying to broker a new peace talk between Syrian president Assad and the leaders of Israel. Nancy, in case you have forgotten, Syria declared a rogue terrorist state, a little honor they have held since 1979, maybe you should start reading the paper and maybe you would have seen the little story about how the ultraconservative United Nations implicated Syria in the assassination of Lebanon's president. Now here's a clip of what Nancy thinks she's doing over there.

"Of course, the role of Syria and Iraq, the role of Syria of supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, the role of Syria and so many respects that we think there could be a vast improvement so, therefore, we think it's a good idea to establish the facts to hopefully build some confidence between us. We have no illusions, but we have great hope."

Glenn: Yeah. President Bush sees her mission just a little differently. Roll this out.

"A photo opportunity and/or meetings with president Assad lead the Assad government to believe they are part of the mainstream of the international community when in fact they are a state sponsor of terror."

Glenn: Okay. Is she a peace-maker, is she a trouble-maker? Brigitte Gabriel, the president of American Congress for Truth, author of "BECAUSE THEY HATE" A Survivors of Islamic Terror Warns America. See -- I'm a conservative who is not going to come out and say the democrats hate America because I don't think they do. How could she be this wrong? How do you possibly see Assad as anything as somebody who harbors terrorists?

Brigitte: Well, let's just say, Glenn, she's misguided. I'm sure she's a patriotic American and loves this country but she sees things differently than you and I do. She does not understand the Middle East and has no concept. If she did, she would not be parading down the streets of Damascus in a hijab.

Glenn: What is she missing? What do you know that she doesn't know?

Brigitte: She needs to realize Syria has no interest in negotiating with the United States. Syria is using Nancy Pelosi as a puppet and a photo-op to give Syria credibility on the world stage, so Syria is not looked at as a dictatorship or as an axis of evil or as a terror-harboring state but as a state that the Speaker of the House of the United States goes and visit and gives them credibility and say, you know, we agree with you. We want to negotiate with you. We do not think our president is right in judging you, and, therefore, we're going above our president to give you credibility and to show you and the world that we are representing the American government and we think that you are okay. That is wrong.

Glenn: All right. Brigitte, I know there are a ton of people in America who say I'm so sick of the Middle East. They can just open up and fall into a sinkhole because they have been fighting for 2,500 years, if not longer. Just shut up already. Why don't you just let them fight it out themselves. How do you respond to that?

Brigitte: You know what, if we knew they can fight it on themselves and just let the world forget about them, we would. We would gladly let them fight it out themselves, sadly, Glenn, we have Israel as the only democratic country in the Middle East, the only civilized nation in the Middle East that is like the United States that is in the middle of a sea of hatred and venom that the Arabs are spewing to wipe her off the map. We also have a problem with the Middle East because now we are dependent on their oil. They are affecting us. They are imigrating to our country. They are infiltrating our country. They are studying in our universities. The world has become very small, and we can no longer ignore the fact that our enemies have repeatedly stated that had they want to destroy the great Satan, America. Let's not forget that Iran made that statement back in 1979.

Glenn: Yeah.

Brigitte: They have not wavered. We are the bull's eye. Israel is only the little Satan.

Glenn: It's amazing to me that this really has been a week of propaganda.

Brigitte: It is.

Glenn: It's -- they are rolling 300s, strike after strike this week. You have Nancy Pelosi, Tony Blair folding, Ahmadinejad. What is the view of the west this week in the Middle East?

Brigitte: The view of the West in the Middle East this week is that we are cowards, that we are weak. We no longer have men with courage to fight and stand up for their principles. The Arab leaders have been giving that message to their population year after year after year. This has started systematically for 20 years. However, this week we have proven to the Arab world, to the Arabic dictators who show to their people using their television and media, that, look, the West is cowhering one after the other. Britain is no longer the power it used to be. America is no longer the power it used to be. The West is divided.

Glenn: You've got it. Thank you very much.

Brigitte: Thank you.

American Congress For Truth


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