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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MinuteMen Report From Yakima, Washington Concerning Illegal Immigrant Protest

This email crossed my desk. I'm posting it as is. It's an invasion, not immigration. Tell me how illegals can demand anything.

Subject: [The Line] violence in Yakima at the march of the illegals

Well I guess now i can say I have seen the elephant. We stood up to over a thousand illegals and thier supporters today in Yakima and had eggs and water bottles thrown at us.

It was pretty hard for one reporter from Kapp tv to ignore the bottle that almost hit him and he led off his live news report at 6pm with the story, I cant tell you how disgusting it was to see hundreds and hundreds of people who have broken our laws parading past us yelling welcome to mexico, too bad its our country now and laughing thier heads off at us.

We kept our cool and we will shove thier violence, ignorance and criminal behavior down thier foul throats. I personally now understand our sop's and how they work to let the other guys screw up and they came through in spades.

All across america on a communist holiday, illegals told us to get out of our own country and too bad they are here anyway now. Its time to dig in and fight people. Bruce L..


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