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Sunday, June 24, 2007


1. Thou shalt not rob those who work hard in order to subsidize those
who hardly work . Note to politicians: If you really believe that
drunks, druggies, and derelicts have a "right" to "equal housing," open
up the doors of your own home!

2. Thou shalt not send American troops into harm's way -- and then stab
them in the back when they're fighting at the front. Cut and run is not
a sound strategy for military victory. Those like Mr. Murtha who are
still fighting the War in Vietnam should not let their pitiful
flashbacks dictate our foreign policy.

3. Thou shalt not kill unborn babies. Period.

4. Thou shalt not extort income taxes above 10% of the America worker's
annual earnings. If 10% is good enough for God, it's good enough for

5. Thou shalt not grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Instead of rewarding
them with a primrose "path to citizenship, " put them on the fast track
to the Mexican border.

6. Thou shalt not surrender American sovereignty. There is no "global
test." There is no "precedent in foreign law." And there is no need to
continue subsidizing the UN's Kofi Anan and his America-bashing band of
predators, pariahs, and piranhas.

7. Thou shalt not pay yourselves one more dime than the average income
of the American worker. If you truly want to represent us, learn to live
within our means. Then, maybe you'll stop robbing us blind and spending
us broke. Perhaps if you learn firsthand how hard it is for the average
American to balance the family budget, you'll become a little more adept
at balancing the federal budget.

8. Thou shalt serve no more than two terms in office. Remember us? We're
the ones who sent you to Washington mistakenly thinking you might one
day want to return ... The ones you seem to hope will now leave you
alone, forget your phone number, and stop inundating you with FREE
emails and ActiFaxes. Well, don't count on it - because it's never going
to happen.

9. Thou shalt not continue to endorse, support, or condone the
government's ruthless persecution of Christians, Christian values, and
Christian observances. Let's put it this way: Every year the Manger
Scene is not back in the public square further diminishes your chances
of getting back into public office. What exactly is it that you don't
understand about, "Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free
exercise [of religion]"?

10. Thou shalt not place yourself above the law. When you get caught
driving drunk, don't try to pull rank - just take the breathalyzer and
perp walk to the patty wagon .. When you assault a police officer,
don't claim the divine right of royalty ... And when you get caught
taking a bribe, don't claim that "congressional privilege" means the
cold cash is yours to keep.

"It is the mind that makes one wise or ignorant,

bound or emancipated."


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