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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Islamic Jihad in Darfur and why the World won't stop it

All those Hollywood schmucks that jumped on the Darfur train, never got it. Never asked the question. Photo op.

Darfur and Islam as a vehicle for Arab supremacism
Fitzgerald Jihadwatch
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In the case of the complicity of the Arabs outside Sudan -- who have cleverly disguised their support for that regime, their efforts to hinder and delay (very successfully) actions that might have been taken by the U.N. against Sudan during its twenty-year campaign of mass-murder in the southern Sudan, or its several-year-long campaign in Darfur -- the explanation is simple: Islam is a vehicle for Arab supremacism. Islam is the national religion of the Arabs, evolving initially out of pagan Arab lore, and a mishmash of appropriated, and much distorted, figures and stories taken from Judaism and Christianity. The final result was a "faith" that could be used to both justify and promote the conquest, by comparatively primitive Arabs, of much larger numbers of non-Arabs, chiefly Christians and Jews and Zoroastrians. A non-Arab Muslim, until recently and still ideally, reads the Qur'an only in Arabic. Non-Arab Muslim children memorize as much of it as possible -- in Arabic. Non-Arab Muslims take as their model a group of seventh-century Arabs and above all, Muhammad, the Perfect Man, al-insan al-kamil. The Sunna itself consists essentially of the ways, the customs and manners, of seventh-century Arabs. Muslims turn Meccatropically five times a day for the canonical prayers; they perform hajj to Mecca; Arabia is the center of their being. It is as if all those who were part of the British Empire, five times a day, turned and prostrated themselves toward London. It is as if every Indian, every black African in a British colony, took an English name, and took some Englishman (possibly someone a bit more modern than a woad-painted Pict from 700 A.D.) as a putative ancestor.
Islam is the source of, the promoter and vehicle of, this Arab supremacism. Arab supremacism can be of the linguistic and cultural kind, that attempts to ban the Berber language, or to convince Maronites and Copts, not always unsuccessfully, that because they are "users of Arabic" that makes them "Arabs." Or it can be of the murdering kind that simply wishes to eliminate non-Arabs if they happen to possess something -- oil, as in the Kurdish lands and in the southern Sudan, and possibly now water: that vast underground lake discovered by American researchers. Those researchers naively have said that if the waters were to be used for irrigation, this "might solve" the Darfur crisis. Yet if anything, it will only make Darfur that much more desirable to the Arabs, and their insensate desire to remove all the black Africans -- through murder -- that much greater.

Islam as a vehicle for Arab supremacism

Atlas Shrugs


Peace?: Religion of Sudden Jihad Syndrome Strikes Again

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By Debbie Schlussel

Time for another edition of "Guess the Religion." I post the story, and you guess the religion. As in most cases, it's very difficult to figure out the theology involved. Per usual, they are blaming it on the person of a certain religion's "mental illness":

Atlanta Shooting Leaves 4 Dead, Including Gunman, 2 Injured

A man neighbors described as a retired factory worker shot three people to death and wounded two others before killing himself in a southwest Atlanta home Monday, authorities said.

All of the victims were believed to be related, Atlanta police spokesman Eric Schwartz said.

Police identified the gunman as Abdulaziz Ibrahim, 52. Officers also found the bodies of Hana Yusuf, 26, and Luna Tesfaye, 24, Schwartz said. Another victim, Mohammad Ibrahim, 28, died at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Three-year-old Amir Abdulhakim was in critical condition at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, and Yusef Ibrahim, 27, was in stable condition at Grady, police said.

Police said they were interviewing both a teenage girl who was in the house during the shooting but was unharmed, and Abdulaziz Ibrahim's wife, who had left home shortly before the 7 a.m. shootings.

Atlanta Murder-Suicide Neighbor Charlene Weiters said the family moved into the house about 12 years ago from overseas. She said Abdulaziz Ibrahim was a retired manufacturing worker who occasionally gave the neighborhood children small toys and school supplies.

"We think he was sick, he must have been," she said between sobs. "He was so sweet, he was so sweet he wouldn't hurt anybody."

Weiters said she often saw him playing with his grandson in the yard. She said she believed Ibrahim lived in the home with his wife, three children, two nieces and two grandchildren.


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