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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Skimming By the "R" Word

The figures are in. We've managed to dodge a bullet (no thanks to the media) of a recession. The growth of the US economy was only 6% for the last 2 quarters. Yes we have inflation, but we are NOT in a recession.

Here's what ticks me off. Shortly after Bush started his second term, the "R" word popped out, and like an ugly high-school rumor, media and others started tossing it about as if it were gospel.

It ain't gospel.

It was a rumor.

I'm no economist, but I am optimistic and refuse to go with the crowd until I see the figures. It's just that simple. Folks from all over the world email me. All of them told me we were in a recession. I promptly replied with my usual "Bullshit!" comment.

The part of the USA that I live in is remarkable in that it maintains a steady if slow growth, primarily due to the overabundance of agricultural products. The area was barely nicked during the great Depression, nor was it bothered much by previous recessions and inflation. Perhaps that's why I remained hopeful, perhaps not.

I do know one thing, the Law of Attraction works--whatever you focus on, whether good or bad, you'll get it.
It applies to all situations and if you reflect on your life, perhaps a hard time when suddenly every appliance broke down or there was a medical emergency when you had little money, you'll see how focusing on the bad increases the bad 10 fold. Similarly, focus on good and good piles on abundantly.

My strongest suggestion to anyone who might stumble on this sad little blog is this: when someone speaks to you in person or in email about the economy, focus on that 6% growth. Yes, it's tiny, but it represents what we need most in this country--hope. Hope never fails, like love, it must be nurtured.

Believe in it. Believe in your country. It won't fail you.

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