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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Life Is Very Good Indeed

Kennewick's been very good to me. If you've never been to Kennewick, I wouldn't be surprised, but drop on by for a visit any time you can make it.

Shortly after moving here, my business partner (I dragged him up here from the sunshine in Tucson--he hasn't quite gotten over that yet) and I opened a small art gallery.

The Bad Art Gallery opened for business January 3, 2005, and as it happened, it was a few days before First Thursday Art Walk. The first piece of art that hung, was an 8x10 tissue paper and ink collage of a funky little yellow house. Josh, my sun-loving business partner picked it up in Tucson for a whopping $5 at Casa de los Ninos.

For the first days as we were moving in, The Little Yellow House was the only piece hanging. Oddly enough, everyone loved it, as bad as it was. Even the frame was bad, a document frame, but no wire, just old string.

Since we didn't have a stable of artists yet, we hung our own artwork on the walls, and of course, the Little Yellow House was displayed prominently. As a joke, Josh put a price tag on it of $50.00 simply because he knew it wouldn't sell.

At last, it was Thursday, my good friend and co-worker Cindy McKay and her partner set up and played 8 string guitar, the snow started to fall, and people, tons of them came through our doors. The other 3 galleries down the street directed Art Walkers to us.

And they kept coming! The wine, munchies, and cookies were wiped out in less than an hour.

Then...this adorable couple came in. The lady looked around for a couple of moments, and her eyes riveted on the Little Yellow House. I looked over at Josh and his eyeballs 'bout popped out of his head, she had it in her hands and by golly, she bought it!

I've never seen a grown man hold back tears so hard. He sure loved that little yellow house.

Later, when the UPS lady learned we'd sold it before she could buy it, she almost cried too....not me, I laughed all the way to the bank.

Cindy's beautiful voice carried the evening, set the mood, and entranced all who came through the doors.

By closing time, the flakes of snow were falling thick and fast, everything was coated in that quiet hush of first snow. As Cindy packed her guitar, we spoke for a few moments, watching the snow fall. I remember telling her, "Snoflakes are all the human tears shed from the beginning of time, crystallized and transformed into the beauty that is winter"

Gooey stuff to be sure...but it fit.

P.S. Josh still misses the Little Yellow House. So did the UPS lady, but, we made her a print, framed it, and gave it to her. We still get really good service.



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