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Friday, January 26, 2007

Al Qaeda Trying To Ethnically Cleanse Yemen Of Jews. Again.

When is a citizen in a Muslim country not a citizen worth protecting? When they're a Jew:

The Saudi newspaper Al Watan reported on Monday that 45 Jews in a village just north of San'a in Yemen were forced to leave their homes due to threats from radical Muslims. One resident confirmed the reports in an interview with Israel Radio, saying that the Jews in her village had received letters from the government warning them to flee because the al-Qaida organization was threatening to kill them. The resident said she and her friends had left the village and were currently staying in a hotel. She said they were afraid to return home, but that they nonetheless had no plans to make aliyah to Israel.

Oh, and one more thing:

Jews are a small minority in the mostly Muslim country. Most of Yemen's Jews were brought over to Israel during Operation Magic Carpet in 1949-50, following the 1948 Muslim riots that ruined the Jewish community in Aden and killed 82 people.

Just another reminder: when the UN holds multi-day conferences on how Arabs were "forced" to leave Israel, there actually were about 600,000 Jews who were forced to leave Arab lands. Their "right of return" seems to have been forgotten, probably because the asterisk next to that part of human rights says "except, obviously, for persecuted Jews in Arab and Muslim lands".


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