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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Regarding your article in Sunday's Express-News regarding Sarwat Husain. Here are a few facts you neglected:
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an open and public supporter of Hamas and Hizbullah, whose armed thugs have killed Americans in numbers seconded only to Al Qi'ada, are about destroy one of two democratic governments in the region (Lebanon) and have murdered countless Israelis (Jews, Muslims & Christians) in the recent war and before. Senator Charles Schumer stated that CAIR has "ties to terrorism."
One national CAIR leader, Omar Ahmad, founder of CAIR-Texas has called the Qu'ran a higher authority than the Constitution and have publicly hoped for the day that Shari'a law replaces the constitution and "the green flag of Islam flies over the White House." He has been quoted as saying that Islam is not here (in the U.S.) to assilimilate but to become dominant and that Islam will be the only recognized religion.
Regarding Mrs. Husain, in an article written by her and published in the E-N some time ago, stated that "Ishmael was the only son of Abraham and taken to be sacrificed." This is a minority view held by a small group of fundamentalists Muslims. Therefore, inferring Pastor Hagee is the exact opposite of one who "seeks and eliminate discrimination and racism," is a bit like the pot calling the kettle....
And perhaps a review of the 2005 FBI statistics on hate crimes showed that 69.5% of hate crimes was reported against Jews and conversely, 10.7% reported against Muslims. One fact not included, is that traditionally, Jews under report and Muslims through their plethora of civil rights groups, over report; often including hate crimes against Sikhs and Hindus as "anti-Islamic." Of course saying that, I'm likely to be accused of being an Islamophobe.


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