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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Zibb...Does Size Really Matter?

Were it not for someone I respect a great deal, I'd not mention this. But really in the great scope of worldwide domination and terror perpetrated by islamowhackos, I've just got to know the correlation between "zibb" size and weaponry.

We all know boys love their toys. And who can blame them, after all toys are fun.

The big question on my mind today is is this islamowhacko murderous crap in some way related to the obvious lack of size of the zibb among the islamowhacko affected population?

I'd bet money it is directly related. Little zibb = big bad guns, IED's, RPG's etc. etc. --and a lot of clearly mindless zealotry.

Don't know firsthand, but have been told that the reason a fellow with a zibb must sit down to use the facilities is to avoid "showing off"...but considering size does matter, perhaps it's simply impossible to "grasp the situation" appropriately and not make a puddle.

This is fortunate for the zibb owners' spouse so as not to have to clean up over her lord and master. Oh, make that multiple spouses, perhaps the zibb owner simply doesn't want to hear females griping about cleaning up after the "BIG ZIBB". But then of course Zibb Sr. gets to beat said spouses if they complain. Or perhaps an honor killing or two to spare his delicate sensibilities. We all know how much they hate humilation.

Imagine the humiliation if the zibb owners knew how much the women snicker behind his back about the lack of zibb potential.

Perhaps the chest beatings, bluster, rhetoric, sabre rattling, beheadings, murders, homicide bombings, church burnings etc. ad infinitum all have to do with the lack of large zibbs.

I can hear CAIR beating a path to my door, crying out: "Ohhhhh we are so offended, sooooo humiliated, we will cut your head off after we sue you, because YOU have unveiled the islamowhacko secret, we all have itty bitty zibbs!! And YOU TOLD! You told the whole world, now everyone knows why we blow ourselves up, it's not because of allah, it's because we can't find our zibbs with both hands and a pair of tweezers."

How pathetic....yet how laughable.


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