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Thursday, May 03, 2007

A New Idea for Public Service in Government

We're inundated with political news, overwhelming corruption, hatred, bad news and worse news.
Our elected officials swear to serve the United States, yet they refuse to listen to their constituents.

I'd like to propose a radical idea. I'm not aware if this idea's been proposed previously or not, but what the heck. If you're like me, you're sick and tired of the b.s., pandering, lies, and abuse.

So here we go my thoughts on public service.

  • Government gives each candidate a set amount of money for campaign advertising.
  • Candidates are not allowed to use any more monies, private or personal to further their campaign.
  • Private parties may not contribute to campaigns.
  • The newly elected President (or Vice President, or Senator, or Congressman/woman) is provided food, clothing, transportation and a residence in Washington D.C. paid for by the government for the term of service.
  • The newly elected official does not receive a salary as all needs are taken care of.
  • The official may not in any way profit from the office.
  • The official may not profit in any way from the office when the specified term of service is over (no lecture circuit, books etc.)
  • When the term of service is over, the official returns to the public sector for employment or retires.
  • Upon end of term of service, the official is paid $40,000 per year served. $60,000 for the President and $50,000 per year for the Vice President.

By following the above guidelines we reap the benefits of:

  • Officials who truly love this country and want to SERVE.
  • Less to none lobbying.
  • Less whining.
  • Less hate mongering.
  • Less "beauty pageant" and more substance.

And I'm sure many more.

So let's give it a thought or two, see if it's viable, and get to work to make it happen.


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