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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our current state of affairs certainly begs the question as to whether we can really afford to ignore costly lessons from history. One would think that we learned something from the murderous attack launched against us during the predawn hours of December 7th, 1941.

The first wave of 181 warplanes departed from six Japanese carriers to strike our fleet at Pearl Harbor and surrounding military airfields. At 7:00AM, the incoming squadrons appeared on the screens of the Army radar station at Opana. News of the steady-bearing contacts was immediately relayed up through the chain of command. However, senior officers falsely attributed those sightings to the anticipated echoes of returning American planes and never sounded the appropriate alarms a costly assumption that contributed to the death toll of some 2400 servicemen.

Six decades later, three commercial airliners were commandeered by militant Islamist deviants and flown into their intended targets resulting in the deaths of 3000 innocent Americans. Once again, our nation was caught off-guard and paid a hefty price for underestimating an adversarys resolve and capacity to do us grievous harm.

One could reasonably argue that we havent learned much from past mistakes and intelligence failures.

America is currently engaged in a deadly war that has the potential to last for decades and cost millions of innocent lives. Most experts agree that a far more deadly attack is imminent a catastrophic strike involving a combination of tactical nuclear and/or radiological dirty weapons. Yet, Washington refuses to take legitimate actions to secure our homeland that is, to properly identify the enemy, seal our borders and inoculate a number of terrorist-front groups that freely operate on our soil; subversive organizations that seek our destruction, spread seeds of hatred, fundraise for the enemy, support international acts of terrorism, recruit thousands of disgruntled home-growns and prepare scores of their followers to perpetrate acts of violence.

Of greater concern is the administrations failure to come clean with the American people regarding numerous terrorist hits that we have already suffered attacks both leading up to and following 9/11.

For unknown reasons, Federal law enforcement agencies continue to misrepresent barbaric acts of violence as being anything other than Islamist-inspired a reckless policy that, in the long run, will only cost more lives. Theres no legitimate reason to hide the truth from our citizenry while blood hemorrhages in various locations across America. An educated, vigilant society will only make our shopping malls, highways, houses of worship, college campuses and federal buildings safer to visit. Additionally, surviving family members deserve to know what really happened to their loves ones.

While in a holding pattern awaiting the unthinkable news of simultaneous nuclear detonations occurring in major U.S Cities our State Department is reaching out to those same terrorist-host nations that are conspiring to exterminate us. If that isnt enough, the Department of Education is in the process of opening twenty Arabic-teaching schools for Muslim students across America, Kansas City International Airport recently installed foot baths to accommodate Muslim travelers and several federal agencies (including the FBI and TSA) have contracted with CAIR (a terror-friendly Islamic advocacy group) to provide sensitivity training to their field agents and employees.

For a variety of reasons, neither can we expect the truth to flow from mainstream media channels. In fact, issues concerning national security and terrorism are typically subordinated to far more important topics like the regeneration of Britney Spears hair follicles, Rosie ODonnells personal self-destruction and paternity testing for Anna Nicoles orphaned infant child.

Just how many more innocent adults and children have to perish before America comes to its senses regarding this very Real and menacing threat?

According to our nations leading counter-terrorism experts, its far later in the game than most folks realize, for the enemy has accomplished much in terms of their infiltration and entrenchment on our soil. These radical Islamist barbarians truly believe that America is theirs for the taking. Theyre convinced that their imperialistic drive to conquer our nation is far stronger than our willingness to fight for whats rightfully ours. Unfortunately, theyre probably right since just a scant few of us are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to resist these cretins at any cost.

Their victory would mean the end of the United States and the end of the free world as we know it. To them, it is not about politics, it is about religion, a radical religion where the law allows for beheadings, stoning and maiming; a radical religion that uses terror as its tool of choice to keep the masses in line.

Americas Truth Forum, a non-partisan, non-profit (501(c) 3) organization, is committed to bringing the truth about the threat of radical Islam to the American people. The government wont do it. The media wont do it. That leaves us.

There isnt a better time to draw a line in the sand, take a stand and be heard.

For three years, Americas Truth Forum has been recognized as being on the very cutting edge - a leader in this struggle to awaken our citizenry to militant Islams menacing threat. Our ability to continue the fight and confront this evil in earnest greatly depends upon outside support. We need your generous help.

Americas Truth Forum, in conjunction with Basics Project, will be hosting another educational symposium that will bring together the most important voices on the subject of Islamofascism. This critical event, the third in a national series, has been scheduled for October and will feature world-renown speakers with extensive knowledge and first-hand experience. If plans hold, the event will not only prove most provocative but will generate substantial media attention.

In order to make this most crucial event happen, we need your financial support. We are firmly committed to the task of bringing the truth about the threat that Islamofascism poses to the American people to the American people. Lets not allow Washington to continue ignoring history and repeating costly mistakes.

Please help us to help America and support this most righteous cause. Please either visit our site at and contribute via the Paypal link or forward your donation to:

Americas Truth Forum
P.O. Box 802
Glastonbury, CT. 06033

Where the battle against the aggressive totalitarianism of Islamofascism is concerned, it is well past the time to act. If we allow politics to infiltrate the process of disseminating fact-based information the truth about the lethal foe we face we risk repeating the mistakes made in the waning days of Vietnam only this time the genocide may very well happen to us...on American soil.

Failure is not an option. To quote Winston Churchill:

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.


Jeffrey Epstein, President



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