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Saturday, May 19, 2007


If you loved America, if you were a proud American, why wouldn't you want to help fight the war against our mortal enemy. In CAIR's case, it's because they are the enemy.
In today's CAIR ALERT;


Looks like they have their moles on the Denver Post payroll

U.S. attorney will lead parlay
Arab-Americans and Muslims concerned about FBI efforts to recruit them as informants and other tactics designed to prevent terrorism plan to meet today with U.S. Attorney Troy Eid.

Why wouldn't any good American want to help prevent terrorism?

Among issues they say they want addressed:

FBI pressure on Arab-Americans and Muslims to work as informants - reporting what friends say and do.


Federal authorities' intervening in local court cases against people with Mideast and South Asian ties.

Clear criteria for placing people on government terrorist watch lists and removing names in case of mistakes.

"We try to say: 'You are in America, a different society from the one you came from that had secret police who could take you away,"' said Djilali Kacem, executive director of the Colorado chapter of the Muslim American Society and imam at a Northglenn mosque.
But visits by FBI agents and alleged random security searches at airports leave newcomers from the Mideast and elsewhere skeptical, Kacem said.

"They tell (immigrants): 'If you will help us, we will help you get the green card."'

When FBI agents visited Palestinian-American Zuhair Mahd, a computer programmer who moved to the U.S. as a teenager, "They put the pitch: 'There are bad people in the community. Sept. 11 was a bad thing. Would you be willing to serve as a source for us or report to us about suspicious or bad people in the community?"' Mahd said.

Sounds mighty reasonable.

Mahd, now 33, refused, telling the agents, "I don't like to fill in the blanks when I don't know the full story," he said. Now he reckons his refusals are "a driving factor" in FBI delays approving a security background check that has stalled his otherwise-approved citizenship application. (MORE)

9/11 wasn't a full enough story?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Palis SHOOT 15 Human Shields
Mainstream media crickets chirping

This is how you can determine just how antisemitic and jihad loving the media really is. Can you imagine if a Jew killed a human shield (even accidentally - can you say Rachel Corrie?) But the blood lusty barbarians are given every courtesy. Hell in a hand basket, folks, hell in a hand basket.

Palestinians Shoot 15 Human Shields IRIS Blog

200 Gaza residents decided their "human shield" tactics worked so well against the Israelis, they would try it to stop the shooting between rival terrorists in Gaza:

"Just as we used to protect you from the occupation by acting as human shields, we have come to protect you from yourselves," one protester shouted at gunmen, referring to instances when Palestinian civilians positioned themselves between militants and Israeli forces.

The gunmen used it as an opportunity to refine their technical skills, injuring approximately 15 of them.

See also: Gaza City: "A City of Corpses and Ghosts"

"Even during the Israeli occupation the situation wasn't this terrible," says Um Mohammed, praying for an end to the lethal Palestinian infighting raging outside her Gaza City home. Fear reigns throughout the city, deserted but for prowling groups of armed men, loyal to rivals Hamas or Fatah, living on a daily diet of ambushes, kidnappings and assassinations. Dozens of snipers on the rooftops of the tallest buildings open fire seemingly on anything that moves. "We can't go near the window, let alone on the balcony. We have all become targets," says Um Mohammed. "This is a city of corpses and ghosts."

See also: AP Reporter in Gaza: "This Is the Worst It's Been"

On Wednesday, I saw several people shot in front of my building, I heard the screams of terrified women and children in a burning building, and I argued with gunmen who tried to take over my home. I have seen a lot in my years as a journalist in Gaza, but this is the worst it's been.


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