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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fitzgerald: Keep those cards coming in

"According to the official, some senior officers [of Fatah] have been suspected of cooperating with Hamas even prior to the decisive round of clashes with Fatah. He said the officers received money from Hamas in exchange for transferring information on the deployment of Palestinian Authority forces in the Strip." -- from this article

Hardly surprising. Fatah is hardly distinguishable from Hamas, except in the perfervid imaginations of Western leaders, and some dismal Israeli ones, determined to make a soap opera with "good" Fatah and "bad" Hamas playing their assigned roles. They differ only in that the people who sign up to get their checks from Fatah are a little more worldly and cynical. They have a better sense of the current balance of forces, and just a little more willingness to utter a phony phrase or two in order to keep the Jizyah flowing. But they have no intention of ever making real peace with Israel.

Rather, as Slow Jihadists, they differ from Hamas only in tactics and timing. They are quite willing, whenever the occasion presents itself, to be as murderous, or more murderous than Hamas. Everything in their history and in their statements for fellow Muslims proves it; not a single thing disproves it.

The inability of Western leaders is of course not helped by the terminal confusion and fear of Olmert and a few others in Israel. They simply do not wish to understand Israel's plight, because they cannot begin to figure out ways to manage what is, in fact, at this point still a most manageable situation.

And the same is true of leaders -- of those "taking a leadership role" -- in larger Infidel lands outside the Middle East. These lands are less obviously imperiled than Israel, but are definitely in the same boat. Or, to change the metaphor slightly, in an identical boat, headed at a slightly different rate over the same falls, if the course of the particular national narrenschiff is not to become the national naufragium.

Dumbing down, when it is also dumbing up -- so that those whose duty it is to properly and thoroughly inform themselves, so as to both instruct and protect those they claim to lead -- is a big problem. One cannot be raised up in a society that is as inattentive as ours currently is to history and to language (by which thoughts are formulated, and given shape, and also the means by which an enemy can manipulate by "capturing" the language that is to be employed), as well as to literature, which helps to strengthen the muscle of the imagination.

For what is going on in the Western world is a failure of historical understanding, and a simultaneous failure of imagination. There is a general inability to imagine a "war" that is not a war by the means which we, and assorted generals in and out of the Pentagon, have come to think of as the only means of "war." There is, furthermore, a general failure to imagine -- before it happens -- the consequences of the islamization of the countries of Western Europe, and what would mean for art, science, human freedom, and the physical safety of Infidels everywhere.

A failure of knowledge. A failure of imagination. A breakdown of education. It all connects. It is all responsible.

Meanwhile, how do you feel when you read about the Fatah-Hamas warfare, a war over turf and power? The Slow Jihadists are eager to turn on the tap of the Infidel Jizyah (that "foreign aid") and are willing to take their time in attacking Israel, while the truest of True Believers, the Fast Jihadists, are unwilling to do so. They are less worldly and less corrupt that the Slow Jihadists, who are emblemized by the outwardly-generally-accepted-accounting-principles soft demeanor of that longtime Arafat collaborator, up to his neck in blood, Mahmoud Abbas.

Are you sorry? Do you wish it would end? Do you think this "chaos" is a "catastrophe" for Infidels, or something else? Isn't it, rather, a very useful Demonstration Project of a society on Islam, without a despot to reign it in and to channel its aggression toward Infidels?

Can you think of other places in the neighborhood where such an outcome might do more to further American, and Infidel interests, and provide another example of Muslim failure to compromise, Muslim aggression, Muslim violence? Can you think of other contexts that would provide an even bigger Demonstration Project, particularly for those in Western Europe now waking from their deep sleep of unreason and evasion?

If you can think of one, please write the name of that place on a postcard, and send it to President George W. Bush, The White House, Washington, D. C. Just write on it: "After reading, please forward to Very Big Grand Strategy Office in the Pentagon."

Keep those cards coming in.

Eventually even those terminally confused in Washington will begin to get the idea.

June 27, 2007


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