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Thursday, August 02, 2007

$10 Million Fire at Spokane Fuel Depot a likely act of Muslim terrorists in U.S.

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Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Fire followed surveillance of facility by men of “Middle Eastern” appearance

1 August 2007: For the last few years, the Northeast Intelligence Network - in both print and in radio broadcasts and interviews - has identified oil and gas facilities as prime targets of Muslim terrorists present within the U.S. For just as many years, federal authorities have continued to deny the existence of “any credible threats [by Islamic terrorists to oil and gas targets]” inside the United States. Such denials have been continually issued by federal authorities despite substantial evidence that many such facilities across the United States have been photographed, videotaped, sketched, and subjected to surveillance by men of Middle Eastern appearance. Many incidents of surveillance have been detailed in the HQ INTEL-ALERT Private Intelligence Report, a subscription based investigative report published by the Northeast Intelligence Network. Now, investigators are looking at a likely nexus between Islamic terrorist activities and a fire that destroyed the Whitley Fuel Warehouse, 2733 N. Pittsburg Road, Spokane, Washington on Monday, July 23 2007. That blaze, which started about 5:30 p.m., caused an extensive neighborhood evacuation as well as environmental damage. The fire was reportedly started near a tanker truck and spread to other trucks and barrels filled with petroleum products. Smoke from the fire could be seen throughout Spokane and as far away as Post Falls, Idaho.

Photo courtesy of KXLY TV Channel 4

Federal officials are interviewing witnesses who observed two men of Middle Eastern appearance, described as having beards and wearing turbans, driving a white vehicle in a suspicious manner around the Petro Card Fuel facility located near the intersection of Sprague and Haven in southeast Spokane prior to the fire at the Whitley Fuel Warehouse. An employee at the Petro Card fuel facility was in the company’s yard when he spotted two men in a vehicle checking out the Petro Card fuel distribution center. The employee reported the incident, and the information then provided to the FBI. Although nothing happened at Petro Card, the Whitley Fuel Depot was set ablaze a short time later, causing an estimated $10 million in damages.

Photo courtesy of KXLY TV Channel 4

The American Petroleum Institute is advising its members that fuel yards make an attractive terrorist target because of "the importance of petroleum to national security and the economy, and the industry is a cornerstone of capitalism and western culture.” Meanwhile, surveillance of strategic locations – including oil and fuel depots and other vital assets of our infrastructure, continue to be the subject of surveillance by men frequently described as appearing to be Middle Eastern.


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