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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Christiane Amanwhore's Hit Piece on the Jews

CNN, the Crescent News Network's star dhimmi reporter, Christiane Islamiane Amanpour six-hour €œtelevision event God's Jewish Warriors€ (to be following on successive nights by God'€™s Muslim Warriors and €œGod's Christian Warriors) aired this evening and it is hard to imagine but this unabashed Jew hater, outdid herself.

Moral inversion packaged tres sophisticay. Jihadist translates into "God's Warrior." One sided would imply there might be another side and clearly in this useful idiot's world, there is only Islam.

It began with a lie, and went downhill from there. Who does Amanpour think she is? Who died and made her queen of antisemites?

Amanpour/Imamwhore speaks to the usual Jewicidal suspects ie Shimon Peres and world class Jew haters Jimmy Carter and Protocols of Zion devotee`John Mearsheimer." Prominent political scientist," my ass. Yes, that bad.

Pearls like "Jewish settlers turned to terror" (without mentioning the Israeli government arrested Jewish Underground plotters and imprisoned them for long periods of time) thereby equating self defense to terror.

And Israel's "plot to destroy Islam's holiest sites" There are no people on earth that have gone to such extraordinary measures to preserve religious and archaeological sites than the Jews. Islam, OTOH, is notorious for destroying any and all non Muslim archaeological and religious artifacts and has gone so far as to issue a fatwa against religious statues.

"The major obstacle to peace is the settlements." "The Jewish settlements have inflamed much of the Muslim world." Not Islamic jihad, not the legacy of Islamic antisemitism. Not Israel itself. The Arab narrative "OCCUPATION!"

Six thousand miles away in New York, "defiance of international law comes dressed in diamonds"

Its all about the tricky, crafty, sneaky Jews defying their government, defying the US, defying international law by supporting settlements. INTERNATIONAL LAW aka the UN. Amanpour evokes the Islamized UN repeatedly.

"Why not withhold Israel's foreign aid?" she asks Jimmy Carter (of all people.)

Amanwhore goes on to say the building AIPAC --the Zionist lobby, is located in is "more powerful" than the Foggy Bottom.

"Some might say that this building became the most powerful arm of American foreign policy, more powerful than foggy bottom, State department."

If this is journalism, I'm the Pope.

I can already see the spate of lawsuits going after Jewish charities for supporting settlements that contravene US policy and international law. Ed Lasky, an email exchange added;

......the basic lie that it is the settlements that inflame the Arab world (and not the existence of Israel) ; the canard about Jewish money and power in America, the ominous music on cue as the "documentary" then segues to the White House, the reliance on Jimmy Carter and Mearsheimer and then using criticism who merely label them as anti-Semitic and not the experts (like Rick Richman) who point out the lies in their work, no wherein the Koran is Jerusalem mentioned-the Shrine on the Temple Mount was placed their by a local Arab ruler envious of tourist dollars going to Mecca and Medina-he propagated the story that Jerusalem is the spot from which Mohammed rode the horse heavenwards.

Islamiane Amanpour pulls every Jew hating canard out of that shitty little bag of hers. The old dual loyalty is regurgitated. "I was never fully American, I was Jewish!"

One example of many of using a non-representative sample of people to represent a group. Same woman , when referring to Christian supporters-we have to take advantage of our friends. Wonderful quote--not. (Lasky)

The second hour gets worse. The Jews are to blame for everything. Israel displaced Palestinians from the Arab quarter in East Jerusalem and confined them to wretched refugee camps strewn with garbage and sewage, where they suffer still decades later despite billions in US and EU aid but no mention of that. She blames Israel yet again for Lebanese Christian massacre in Sabra and Shatila. No mention of how the Pali Arabs destroyed Lebanon and its Christian community.

Christian Zionists are depicted as foolish puppets manipulated by those crafty, sneaky Jews. "Their [the Christian Zionists] money builds parks, childcare centers and music therapy centers. Projects that make Jewish life her more comfortable and more permanent."

Amnawhore equates Jews soliciting support and donations for Israel with Muslims terror funding jihadists who murder Israelis while deliberately and willfully ignoring the crucial difference between savages and civilized men, between terrorists and sovereign nations.

Amnapour talks about Christian antisemitism and the Jew as Christ killers. The Jooooooooooos, every time she says it, it is dripping with contempt.

Amanwhore than spends twenty minutes on a some tiny fringe group that was going to target a Pali school years ago but was busted by Israeli police and went to jail without ever launching an attack. Even so Amanwhore devotes a whole segment to this. This group represents Israel much the way the Unibomber represents your typical American. Rockets rain on Jewish schools (kindergartens) in Sderot daily and not a peep from this ignoramus's mouth about that very real horror.

Al Jizz is going to run this "special" on an endless loop.

Tomorrow night: Muslim Warriors
Just as she used a tiny fringe of Jews to represent the Jewish people, I am sure she will invert this on Muslim warriors. She will show the millions of jihadists worldwide as a "tiny fringe" of the religion of peace and the thousands of Islamic attacks since 9/11 as mere blip on the screen.

UPDATE: Fitzgerald: The point of CNN's religious fundamentalism series

UPDATE: Loved this from Lawyn;

I admit that the errie music accompanying the presentation of that DIABOLICAL PLOT of American DIAMOND MERCHANTS using their own money to BUY, DO YOU HEAR ME, BUY REAL ESTATE FROM PALESTINIANS is an outrage none should bear. Sure that most of the ARABS selling are laughing up their sleeves, thinking...."Got over on you Jooooo, soon you will be in the sea and I will have my house/land back. In the meantime I'll go visit with the widow of our great leader in Pareee"

UPDATE: Richard Baehr rips it to shreds. Hysterical.

UPDATE: And Director Blue: Christine Amanpour's exposé on religious killers

CNN's Christine Amanpour is hosting a series of exposes on religious warriors . Each show in the series focuses on the aspects of a single religion:

* Yesterday: the Worldwide Jewish Cabal
* Tonight: Misunderstood Muslims
* Thursday: Christian Crusaders
* Friday: Killer Quakers
* Saturday: Antagonistic Amish
* Sunday: Bloodthirsty Buddhists
* Monday: Homicidal Hindus

Amanpour is certain to offer a detailed comparison of the number of terrorist attacks broken down by instigating religion. And the number of deaths associated with those attacks. As well as the number of slaves currently held by each religion.


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