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Friday, August 10, 2007

OUTRAGE: Michigan Gov. Picks Islamofascist Who Defrauded Medicaid to Oversee Medicaid

By Debbie Schlussel

Yesterday, Crain's Detroit Business reported that Ismael Ahmed, Founder and Executive Director of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, was picked by Michigan's liberal Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm to head the State of Michigan's Department of Human Services.

Readers of this site are familiar with Ahmed because I've written a great deal about him. The former head of Jesse Jackson's Michigan Presidential campaign, heads a Muslim-dominated agency that defrauds Medicaid by helping bring pregnant Muslim women from all over the world to America and giving them phony Social Security numbers to use so they can defraud Medicaid and have you--the taxpayers pay thousands of dollars to cover the deliveries of their babies. Plus the babies get U.S. citizenship.

Ismael Ahmed: Islamofascist Fox Now "Guarding" Infidel Medicaid Henhouse

Granholm knows a lot about this because she was Michigan Attorney General in December 2002, when agents of her office and the FBI raided ACCESS in connection with a Medicaid fraud investigation her office oversaw. That's why it was strange when she hired her friend, Ahmed, to Co-Chair her Gubernatorial Transition Team, since she knew of Ahmed's organizations involvement in this scam. (She's since appointed him as a Regent of Eastern Michigan University.)

BUT, that she hired Ahmed to now oversee Michigan's disbursements of Medicaid--now as the new Director of the Michigan Department of Human Services--is even more outrageous. Trite but true, it's exactly like hiring the fox to guard the henhouse. It's also disturbing because Ahmed's agency used thousands of government job-training funds to train Al-Qaeda terrorists to get commercial driver's licenses and hazardous material hauling certificates.

And his agency used government money to sponsor the University of Michigan Divestment (from Israel) Conference. Imagine what Ahmed will do with access to and control over Michigan's giant budget for everything that falls under "Human Services."

Make no mistake. Michigan's top Republicans aren't clean in this either. Current Michigan Attorney General and Republican Mike Cox carefully waited until Muslim women defrauding Medicaid left the country before he issued bench warrants for their arrest. He did that, so he would never actually have to arrest them, interview them, and go after ACCESS and the other malefactors involved in this . . . and offend Muslims. He's been vying for extremist Muslim Arab votes and believes they are the route to his becoming Governor when term-limited Granholm leaves office after 2010.

He appeared on FOX News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor" to gush all over himself for issuing these empty warrants and lied to Bill O'Reilly, claiming that the people who turned these women in were "Arabs," themselves, "from the community," implying they were also Muslims. In fact, none of them are--all Infidels of non-Arab extraction. And what's worse, Cox issued the warrants, despite Justice Department requests not to, tipping off targets. (An incompetent, stupid former Assistant U.S. Attorney gave him the documents and information.) But rather than do the right thing for a proper investigation, he needed his time to shine in the "O'Reilly Factor" sun. After all, he wants to be Governor and, then, President.

To date, Cox done nothing to stop the Medicaid fraud at Ismael Ahmed's ACCESS, which continues and has throughout his five years as Michigan's chief law enforcement official. He is as culpable as Granholm in the wholesale giveaway of U.S. citizenship and tax-paid Medicaid dollars in Michigan to those who--surprise! surprise!--share the same religion as the 19 hijackers of September 11th.

Read more about Ismael Ahmed and his terrorist ties.


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