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Friday, February 03, 2006

Hunting Season's Over

It's almost imperceptible. There's a calm in the air that hasn't been felt since November 1st.
Hunting season came to an end February 1. I'm certain the ducks and geese are very grateful.

During hunting season the air is filled with the geese honking, day and night. On the first day of February, all is quiet, calm, and peaceful. The boat ramp across the street seems different as well. Instead of hunters, fishermen are claiming the parking lot.

I'm not sure if it has to do with the calmness fishermen have, they're quiet when they launch, when they're on the water, when they come in, and when they leave.

Conversely, hunters are a noisy lot. I'm sure they're good and quiet when in their blinds on the islands, but they're raucous when they're in the parking lot, or loading their boats.

It reminds me of cowboys. How inwardly calm they become when working with horses. A quiet confidence, as if their souls are standing still, listening for that undeniable communication between horse and human.

It's magic.


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