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Friday, February 09, 2007

Consider the Consequenses of Islamification in Your Country

Are you a citizen of the UK? Or Australia? Do you enjoy beer, or dancing, dating? Well, you can forget all that when your country becomes Islamic. It's not allowed you know. Do you women enjoy wearing what you want? Sorry, not allowed!

Are you French? See above, but substitute fine French wine. Oh and don't forget your treasure trove of artwork in the Louvre. Islam doesn't allow artwork depicting people or animals, so all that art will be destroyed.

Thailand, how about you? Your culture includes wonderful art, and the art of dance--are you willing to sacrifice that? Get used to it, you're about to lose your culture as well.

USA? Canada? Mexico? South America? Forget the beer, dancing, freedom of speech, your clothing, the way you think, the art you produce, some of the foods you eat. Do you have pets? Dogs will be killed (see Iran) because they're not considered clean. So if you have a service dog, you won't for long.

Think I'm crazy? No, I'm not, I'm just observing the world and the changes.

And now:

Melanie Phillips is the author of "Londonistan" She is a British Citizen
February 8, 2007
The war against the west (5)

So now we know — schools in Britain can be teaching children from textbooks which follow a curriculum laid down by the Saudi Ministry of Education, and which contain passages comparing Christians and Jews to monkeys and pigs, and yet still be given a clean bill of health by the schools inspectorate OFSTED which pronounces their standard of education ‘satisfactory’.

This much has been brought to light by the chain of events at the King Fahad school in west London, which a teacher claimed at an industrial tribunal had taught pupils that religions such as Christianity and Judaism were ‘worthless’ and described Jews as apes and Christians as pigs. The Daily Mail reported:

The textbooks apparently state that the Jews are cursed. Pupils are asked to ‘mention some repugnant characteristics of Jews.’ When he asked management whether this complied with British law, he claims he was told: ‘This is not England. It is Saudi Arabia.’

The school initially denied these allegations in the strongest possible terms. However, on BBC TV Newsnight on Tuesday evening, the school’s director, Dr Sumaya Alyusuf, admitted in a tellingly evasive performance that such a textbook had been in use and that it was part of a Saudi Ministry of Education curriculum that was not longer being followed. She then insisted on the one hand that the offending passages had never been taught and that only other ‘good’ parts of this textbook had been used, while insisting on the other that the ‘monkeys and pigs’ reference was a mistranslation. Jeremy Paxman (for it was he) was ready for this and declared that two authorities had confirmed that this was indeed a correct translation. Would she now withdraw the offending textbook? he asked. No she would not, she replied. By today, however, as the government finally lifted its head from its usual position several feet deep in the sand and said it would be investigating the school’s teaching materials, the school announced that it had ripped the offending pages from the book.

Not good enough. This is a school funded by Saudi Arabia, using Saudi teaching materials. The fact that it says it has now moved to a different curriculum is not the point. Until a year ago at least, it was teaching Saudi educational precepts. Those precepts are Wahabbi, the most extreme form of Islam which teaches adherents to hate Jews, Christians, all other ‘infidels’, America, Israel and the west. If Dr Alyusuf intended to present herself as the soul of moderation, she failed. Refusing to withdraw the textbook, she insisted that parts of it were ‘good’. A Wahabbi textbook cannot be acceptable, even in part, in a British school. Anyone who maintains that it is good must herself subscribe to such a doctrine.

Furthermore, anyone familiar with the verse in the Koran that describes Jews and Christians as monkeys and pigs, and who knows with what sickening frequency this incitement to hatred is preached in the Muslim world, would instantly recognise Dr Alyusuf’s protestations of ‘mistranslation’ as pure humbug. As this report shows in detail, the ‘apes and pigs’ insult is standard Islamist discourse. The idea that this is a ‘mistranslation’ is simply ludicrous.

So we come back to Ofsted. How did they miss all this when they inspected the school? According to tomorrow’s Jewish Chronicle, an Ofsted spokesperson said:

‘Ofsted inspects independent schools and publishes inspection reports on behalf of the DfES. The inspection conducted in 2006 of King Fahad School had an Arabic-speaking Muslim inspector as part of the team. During inspections of non-association independent schools, inspectors examine curriculum plans and observe lessons. They also look at teachers’ lesson plans and samples of pupils’ work and talk to pupils and staff. If issues of concern are raised by any of these groups during an inspection, they are considered carefully by the inspection team and may be followed up.’ On the question of examining school books, Ofsted said inspectors would not look at ‘the detail of all the textbooks used by a school’.

What is the point of an education inspectorate that somehow manages to miss the teaching of hatred and bigotry in a school? Upon how many other Muslim schools teaching hatred of the west has it similarly bestowed official approval? Why does Britain permit the existence of schools funded by Saudi Arabia, which has invested hundreds of billions of dollars over the years in schools, mosques and other institutions in Britain and Europe with the express intention of radicalising British and European Muslims in order to Islamise the west? Is this country determined to commit cultural suicide?

In the war between civilisation and barbarism, the Islamists field Saudi Arabia. We field Ofsted. Is it any wonder that they hold us in such contempt?


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