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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Dear Friend

Maurice lives in Canada, far from Kennewick. He's been and will always be a very good friend, though we've never met.

Mercy, that man can cook! He sends me his menu list and I don't know how many times I've asked him to adopt me! But it's not his cooking, it's his companionship that I cherish. Over the years I've known him online, we've gone through the grist mill of life, in Canada, in Tucson--then to Kennewick.

He's kept my spirits up, given me a good "talkin' to" when I needed it, made me laugh, and just listened. We have much in common, including way-ward children that still struggle to find their way in the world. I've become a part of his family, as he's become a part of mine.

We tell each other stories about what happened during the day, and we noodle the possibilities of everything from world peace to how fix my terminally strange computer.

I've met his sister, who lives in England, and his wife, and of course his grandchildren, of whom we're both quite proud! Someday soon, his grandson will be a famous musician. That 13 year old can play guitar with the best of them.

If there's a small miracle coming my way, it would be to meet Maurice and his family in person some day.

I'm counting on that miracle.


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