Views From Kennewick

Monday, February 20, 2006

My oldest son is back from an extended absense (see Prodigal Son) and is madly trying to find work. Then again so is everyone else and their brothers/cousins/siblings. It's difficult for him but I'm sure he'll find something soon.

What's unusual is how his attitude toward people has changed. Perhaps it's maturity, or perhaps it's the new location. So far, in the last three weeks, he's had not one complaint about the people in this area.

You might think that's not unusual, but this kid would complain if he was in heaven.

He must have genetically inherited that trait...from my mother!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saying Goodbye

In travels Saturday, I drove by Canal and Washington, on the South East corner is that magnificent old building that housed the D.S. Watkins Gallery and Coffeeshop. It's now closed, and empty. There's no sign of Deb and Dave, they packed up and moved to Portland last week. I'd thought they said they'd be gone around the first of March, but I guess they were ahead of schedule.

It really was sad. The banners are gone, there's no art on the walls, the building is an empty shell.

Deb and Dave are a wonderful couple, gracious, caring, good people. I know they'll be back to visit, their children and grand children live here. But meanwhile, it's just a little too quiet downtown.