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Saturday, May 05, 2007

In Defense of the Constitution

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012/07 May 5, 2007

CAIR's "Big Lie"

On May 2, Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), North Americas largest Islamist terrorist supporting group, had an article published titled "Freedom is not spelled "Feardom" in the on-line edition of the Middle East Times:

In the article, Rehab writes:

"Since 9/11, anti-Muslim hysteria has evolved from a collective knee-jerk reaction to a premeditated and coordinated cottage industry, patronized by an agenda-driven elite seeking political - sometimes financial - gain.

In the resulting hostile climate, "suspicion" of Muslims - as opposed to evidence of our wrongdoing - is apparently cause enough to demand that we be stripped of our right to speak freely on our nation's beacon of democracy and pluralism, Capitol Hill."

Rehab, as usual, completely misstates the case for American Muslims by implying that a "hostile environment" is preventing American Muslims from having their voices heard in the nation's capitol.

Rehab does not offer even one single instance where CAIR's voice was actually shut down on capitol hill. So much for "suspicion" of Muslims?

Rehab is upset that Republicans were pressing House Speaker Pelosi to not allow CAIR to host an educational panel on the hill dealing with a public opinion poll conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Rehab conveniently forgets the fact that several prominent Democrats including Senators Durbin, Boxer and Schumer have faced great criticisms for standing up to CAIR's nefarious agenda.

The anti-CAIR movement in the congress is largely a bipartisan effort as a result of CAIR's active support for America's enemies in the battle against Islamist terror. CAIR is trying to drive a wedge between liberals and conservatives and is finding that members of the congress are "on to the con" and are beginning to distance themselves from CAIR's hateful messages.

The reason reasonable congressional representatives were opposed to CAIR's "educational panel" taking place on government property is not because of the topic, but who was hosting it: CAIR. A significant minority of the congress has, rightfully, recognized CAIR's role in Islamic terrorism and they are concerned enough to want to ensure that CAIR's odious presence is not welcome in the "People's House".

Just as the country would not invite David Duke to lecture us about "Jewish rights", why should we allow CAIR to lecture us on "Muslim rights"? CAIR is not a Muslim civil rights group; CAIR is an Islamist protection group; to pretend otherwise is an insult to the majority of peaceful North American Muslims who are not members of CAIR and whom do not subscribe to CAIR's representing their interests.

Radical Islam has not earned the right to lecture free people anywhere, anytime, on any subject. As supporters of radical Islam, CAIR has no right to lecture anyone about the rights of peaceful Muslims whom CAIR does not represent.and never will.

Rehab asks, ".just what is an "apologist for terror?"

The answer is simple: any person, or group that rises up to defend Islamic terrorists, terrorist groups, or provides aid and comfort to those who advance radical Islam by force or terror is an "apologist for terror".

CAIR not only meets this definition.they are living it, every single day.

From Anti-CAIR Newsletter 5/5/07

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A New Idea for Public Service in Government

We're inundated with political news, overwhelming corruption, hatred, bad news and worse news.
Our elected officials swear to serve the United States, yet they refuse to listen to their constituents.

I'd like to propose a radical idea. I'm not aware if this idea's been proposed previously or not, but what the heck. If you're like me, you're sick and tired of the b.s., pandering, lies, and abuse.

So here we go my thoughts on public service.

  • Government gives each candidate a set amount of money for campaign advertising.
  • Candidates are not allowed to use any more monies, private or personal to further their campaign.
  • Private parties may not contribute to campaigns.
  • The newly elected President (or Vice President, or Senator, or Congressman/woman) is provided food, clothing, transportation and a residence in Washington D.C. paid for by the government for the term of service.
  • The newly elected official does not receive a salary as all needs are taken care of.
  • The official may not in any way profit from the office.
  • The official may not profit in any way from the office when the specified term of service is over (no lecture circuit, books etc.)
  • When the term of service is over, the official returns to the public sector for employment or retires.
  • Upon end of term of service, the official is paid $40,000 per year served. $60,000 for the President and $50,000 per year for the Vice President.

By following the above guidelines we reap the benefits of:

  • Officials who truly love this country and want to SERVE.
  • Less to none lobbying.
  • Less whining.
  • Less hate mongering.
  • Less "beauty pageant" and more substance.

And I'm sure many more.

So let's give it a thought or two, see if it's viable, and get to work to make it happen.

Where Is the U.S. Goverment In This Mess? Silent.

Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin - May 3, 2007

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Hamas: “The extermination of the Jews is good
for the inhabitants of the worlds.”

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

The extermination of Jews is Allah’s will and is for the benefit of all humanity, according to an article in the Hamas paper, Al-Risalah. The author of the article, Kan'an Ubayd, explains that the suicide operations carried out by Hamas are being committed solely to fulfill Allah’s wishes. Furthermore, Allah demanded this action, because “the extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”

The killing of innocent Jews by terrorist attacks is portrayed as Allah’s plan for the benefit of humanity.

It should be noted that Hamas’s justification for the extermination of Jews, both as God's will and for the benefit of humanity, echoes Hitler's words in Mein Kampf:

“In this case the only salvation remaining was war… If the Jew with the help of his Marxist creed is victorious over the peoples of this world, then his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity… Thus I believe today that I am acting according to the will of the almighty Creator: when I defend myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” (Mein Kampf)

In another parallel to the Nazi genocide of Jews, the writer says he wants to be sure that “everyone will know” that these murderous actions are “not of [Hamas’s] own accord” – an echo of the Nazi war criminals’ repeated justification of their actions with the defense that they were only following orders.

The fact that these orders are said to be divine in nature makes Hamas’s justification for the murder of Jews even more ominous.

Following is the excerpt from the Hamas article:

"We find more than once condemnation and denunciation to the resistance operations and bombings [suicide attacks], carried out by Hamas and the Palestinian resistance branches. There is no other choice but to use restraint regarding the condemnation, the attaching of the label of terror [to "resistance"], and the assembling of conferences [for] condemnation [of the attacks]. [This] so that everyone will know, that we did this only because our lord commanded so, “I did it not of my own accord” [*] and so that people will know that the extermination of Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds on a land, to which Allah gave his blessing for the sake of the inhabitants of the worlds.”
[Al-Risalah, April 23, 2007]

[*] Translation of Quranic verse taken from USC Compendium of Muslim Texts.

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An "Obsession" with Truth
By Alan Nathan | May 3, 2007

The phrase “divergent views” does not do justice to the verbal gymnastics that followed the anti-terrorism event I was privileged to introduce at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virgnia. After my brief introduction to the movie, Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West, everyone settled in for a dialogue that would last longer than the film itself. A large number of Muslim participants objected – and we had sometimes heated discussion – but in the end, surprisingly, this film and the subsequent discussion hosted by the Terrorism Awareness Project helped bring some sense (and consensus) to the crowd and helped Muslims understand the film did not target their religion.

It was scheduled weeks in advance at universities around the country. Coincidentally around the same time, GMU and other campuses had vigils held for the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre, thus making it a surprise that the screening room became as busy as it did.

A local paper had reported that only seven people attended, but had their journalist not left early to catch a flight, she would have witnessed audience growth, spirited jesting, candor, and partial consensus.

The film included multiple Middle Eastern talk shows comprised of virulent hosts and guests propagating the benefits, promise and duty of jihad – or struggle. Offsetting fanatical jihadists wishing to massacre all who are not Muslim, also called kaffers, were others belonging to Islam but having the courage to demonstrate greater tolerance for those not of their faith.

These moderate Muslims, one of them a former PLO terrorist, stressed the need not to lump all of the faithful into the fanatical camp, while still warning that more and more of his fellow Muslims were proving vulnerable to the killers’ poisonous and atavistic brainwashing. Included also were heavy comparisons of Islamic-fanaticism to Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Earlier in the film, multiple speakers emphasized that only 15 percent of the Muslim world is part of the terrorist agenda. Others equally underscored that such an amount still exceeds the population of the United States and should be understood as a greater threat than the West has thus far been willing to accept, but should.

Once the viewing was complete, I explained to this multi-ethnic and multi-religious audience (40 percent were self-described Muslims) that I was a centrist who was both a social progressive and a national defense hawk with no allegiance to either Republicans or Democrats. I further stipulated that I support the war in Iraq as well as the greater war against fanatical jihadists, and wanted to know if they found the film racist, or did they agree with its call for urgent solidarity against Islamic terrorists.

The most energetic participants were the Muslim students, whose wardrobes varied from traditional to modern apparel – especially the women. One of those wearing a hijab, or headscarf, softly stated that she was offended by the film, believing that it depicted Islam in a racist light. A male Iranian-American student in dungaree shorts, t-shirt and ball cap concurred and wanted to know why the documentary was so one-sided. A Palestinian student here on a visa wearing casual trousers and a short-sleeve shirt asked if perhaps these problems might disappear once Israel did.

I answered that the film was dominated by images of Muslims who hate the West because that footage focused on the minority in question, as opposed to the majority who do not. I further explained that if Muslim leaders from around the world are correct in saying that we shouldn’t think of the Bin Ladens, al-Zawahiris and Nasrallahs of the world as the face of Islam, then it naturally follows that attacking them and their followers cannot be an attack on Islam – once separated, always separated. In short, if it’s wrong to assume guilt based on religion, then it’s equally wrong to shield guilt based on religion.

To the Palestinian student who asked whether or not Israel’s demise would rectify everything, I answered, “Why would you want to remove the only place in the Middle East where Muslims enjoy the unencumbered right to speech, freedom to worship, entitlement to vote, and prerogative to run for public office?” No answer was given.

I further explained that I cannot recognize the sovereignty of any country that doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of its own individual citizens. If you’re not part of a society in which the leaders rule by the consent of the governed, then your nation is nothing more than an enslaved populace.

Continuing on the issue of Israel, I acknowledged where that country also carries some blame. However, I first gave the disclaimer that I am pro-Israel and support a two-state solution with the Palestinians.

Yes, Israel has done wrong. Whether you’re talking about continuing West Bank developments in disputed territories despite officially banning them, marginalizing Palestinian mineral rights and water rights; or, imposing draconian checkpoints and routes of travel that periodically and unnecessarily weaken already devolved accesses to markets and commerce.

However, all that notwithstanding, there’s still a difference between Palestinian terrorists who specifically target women and children for slaughter, versus Israeli soldiers who may accidentally kill the innocent while in pursuit of those same terrorists.

Not seeing a difference between these groups is unambiguously bizarre. It’s like saying that no moral gap exists between the motorist who deliberately mows down a pedestrian and the driver who inadvertently hits one after running a stoplight. Yes, both victims are equally dead – but no, they were not equally killed.

Another Muslim woman in more Western apparel, an American raised in both Saudi Arabia and the United States, conceded that a film scrutinizing a slim minority’s ugly fanaticism would naturally have to depict that same ugliness. However, she felt that it was a reminder of the mainstream media’s skewed portrayal of Muslims as people who condone and support terrorists. From the perspectives of her family and friends, Muslims who do speak out against terrorists aren’t credited enough for stepping up despite the ridicule to which they may be subjected by their own people.

A couple from Peru in their fifties was taken aback by those who didn’t recognize the fundamentally superior quality of life and freedom America offers to so many of the very same war protestors who denounce the U.S. more so than they do the terrorist-sponsoring states that oppose her.

The College Republicans and the Terrorism Awareness Project sponsoring the film’s screening, had members emphatically stating that these events weren’t meant to embarrass anyone, but rather were geared for better depicting the global threat and its actual source – a twisted minority view of Islam, not Islam itself.

After more than 90 minutes of active discourse and some lighthearted banter, there came a moment when all sides demonstrated varying degrees of willingness to disconnect themselves from assumptions based on media-hyped stereotypes, and focus more on what they found in one another’s expressed positions.

They exhibited an ability to interact based on the intent of each speaker vs. the perceived claims of the Politically Correct listener. Why? Because these students learned that perceptions are illegitimate without corresponding foundation. You cannot say, “I perceive; therefore it exists.” They came to understand that such tactics are weapons of the bad-faith debater who, because he’s unable to argue on point, must re-characterize the speaker’s position into something supposedly offensive, because there’s no other way he can appear competent. This is demonization posing as interaction.

Political correctness, at least for that evening, was kicked aside.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MinuteMen Report From Yakima, Washington Concerning Illegal Immigrant Protest

This email crossed my desk. I'm posting it as is. It's an invasion, not immigration. Tell me how illegals can demand anything.

Subject: [The Line] violence in Yakima at the march of the illegals

Well I guess now i can say I have seen the elephant. We stood up to over a thousand illegals and thier supporters today in Yakima and had eggs and water bottles thrown at us.

It was pretty hard for one reporter from Kapp tv to ignore the bottle that almost hit him and he led off his live news report at 6pm with the story, I cant tell you how disgusting it was to see hundreds and hundreds of people who have broken our laws parading past us yelling welcome to mexico, too bad its our country now and laughing thier heads off at us.

We kept our cool and we will shove thier violence, ignorance and criminal behavior down thier foul throats. I personally now understand our sop's and how they work to let the other guys screw up and they came through in spades.

All across america on a communist holiday, illegals told us to get out of our own country and too bad they are here anyway now. Its time to dig in and fight people. Bruce L..

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Minnesota Caves to the Islamists – Places of Worship Approved in Public Places

This post was written by WC on 29 April, 2007 (09:05) | All News

From The Gathering Storm Blog

Just what the heck is going on in Minnesota? Have they lost all sense of the law? The multicultural insanity has thoroughly infiltrated that State and now provides places of worship in their pubic schools and their International Airport.

What ever happened to the prohibition of places of worship on public property? What ever happened to the clause in the Constitution that prevents the government from approving or supporting any particular religion? You couldn’t tell by Minnesota’s recent dhimmi behavior.

First it’s the International Airport.

The Kansas City International Airport has added several foot-washing basins in restrooms to accommodate a growing number of Muslim taxicab drivers who requested the facilities to prepare for daily Islamic prayer, WND has learned.

“Why are we constructing places of worship for them inside our airports?” said an airport official who requested anonymity. “Why are we catering to their rituals? We don’t do it for any other religion.”

Other major airports also are dealing with increased demands from Muslim cabdrivers. For instance, cabbies at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport recently caused a stir when they refused to carry passengers possessing alcoholic beverages or accompanied by seeing-eye dogs. Alcohol is forbidden in Islam, and dogs are considered unclean.

Then it was the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. From “The Big Story With John Gibson.”

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: The big issue, separation of church and state in America’s state schools, of course, but there isn’t going to be a separation of mosque and state at one public college in Minnesota. The school is going to install a special sink or several for Muslims to wash their feet, and taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, BIG STORY CORRESPONDENT: Yeah John this sink is for a pre-prayer wash and the school says it’s to keep their students safe. Critics are calling it a double standard.

KENNEDY: Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a state-run university. Last year, it banned a campus coffee cart from playing Christmas carols. Katherine Kersten is a columnist for the “Minneapolis Star Tribune.”

KERSTEN: Although Christianity is barred in public places during the holiday season, the college is actually going to be using taxpayer funds in order to construct daily prayer preparation facilities for Muslim students.

But this is only the first step in the local Islamist plans.

MCTC is apparently the first public institution in Minnesota to enter this unfamiliar territory. Where is it looking for guidance? Dianna Cusick, MCTC’s director of legal affairs, is overseeing the project. She referred me to the Muslim Accommodations Task Force, whose website she is using as a primary resource ( “They’ve done all the research,” she said. On the site, I found information about the handful of public colleges that have “wudu,” or ritual bathing, facilities.

But I also discovered something more important for colleges seeking guidance on “accommodations”: Projects like MCTC’s are likely to be the first step in a long process.

The task force’s eventual objectives on American campuses include the following, according to the website: permanent Muslim prayer spaces, ritual washing facilities, separate food and housing for Muslim students, separate hours at athletic facilities for Muslim women, paid imams or religious counselors, and campus observance of Muslim holidays. The task force is already hailing “pioneering” successes. At Syracuse University in New York, for example, “Eid al Fitr is now an official university holiday,” says an article featured on the website. “The entire university campus shuts down to mark the end of Ramadan.” At Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Mich., “halal” food — ritually slaughtered and permissible under Islamic law — is marked by green stickers in the cafeteria and “staff are well-trained in handling practices.”

At Georgetown University, Muslim women can live apart in housing that enables them to “sleep in an Islamic setting,” as the website puts it. According to a student at the time the policy was adopted, the university housing office initially opposed the idea, on grounds that all freshman should have the experience of “living in dorms and dealing with different kinds of people.” That might sound appealing, Muslim students told a reporter in an article featured on the website. But in their view, the reporter wrote, “learning to live with ‘different kinds of people’ ” actually “causes more harm than good” for Muslims, because it requires them to live in an environment that “distracts them from their desire to become better Muslims, and even draw[s] weaker Muslims away from Islam.”

Just a bunch of overenthusiastic Muslim students – or something more insidious?

Its professional staff, based in the Washington, D.C., area, includes coordinators who provide legal advice, teach students to lobby, write letters on their behalf, and help them overcome “obstacles” such as college administrators’ concerns about violating the separation of church and state. The Muslim Accommodations Task Force is a project of the Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada. MSA’s mission is to enable Muslims here “to practice Islam as a complete way of life,” and its “main goal” is “spreading Islam,” according to its website. The association calls itself the “landmark Muslim organization in North America,” and says it has chapters on 600 campuses.

So, where can all this lead? Look at our neighbors to the North.

Canada, our neighbor to the north, is farther down the “accommodations” road. A glance north can shed light on whether prayer spaces and ritual washing facilities are likely to satisfy activists for long.

Last month, the Canadian Federation of Students issued a report, titled “Final Report of the Task Force on Needs of Muslim Students,” that calls for sweeping changes at the country’s institutions of higher education. The federation represents more than 500,000 students across Canada, about half of the nation’s total. While the report focuses on Ontario, its conclusions are applicable across the country and internationally, said Jesse Greener, the Federation’s Ontario chairperson.

Some recommended changes could affect all students. For example, the report criticizes Canada’s loan-based system of financing higher education and calls for outright grants to students. “Education related government loans should not accumulate interest,” it says, since Islam “opposes usury and involvement with interest-bearing loans.” Other changes would be more focused. The report endorses “women-only” time at athletic facilities, and urges colleges to “provide curtains or screens over the observation windows” when women are using the pool.

The report calls not just for Muslim-only prayer space but for “multiple prayer spaces” with “easy access” from all over campus. All new building plans should include prayer space and ritual washing facilities if necessary, it adds. Food service workers must learn to prepare halal food, which is ritually slaughtered and otherwise permissible under Sharia law. After preparing non-halal food, staff must “change sanitary gloves and wash cutlery and surfaces” to avoid contaminating halal food.

What if a campus fails to make these changes, and others like them? It is guilty, says the report, of “Islamophobia” — an “emerging form of racism,” according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Got that? Try and protect your society from and an alien culture bent on having Islam rule the world and you are a racist. A perpetuator of a hate crime. A criminal.

Islamophobia includes more than clearly inappropriate behavior such as violence against Muslims or unreasonable suspicion of them. It can be as “subtle” as a remark that includes a “stereotype” or betrays the speaker’s “lack of understanding” of Islam (such as the notion that Sharia law treats women as second class citizens). Just “one comment” of this kind can create a “poisoned” learning environment for Muslim students, the report says.

Soon, the Islamists will have their own little police force to make sure the dhimmis stay in line.

“Islamophobic” comments will soon land Canadians in serious trouble, if the federation has its way. The report outlines a comprehensive system “to encourage and facilitate a culture of reporting Islamophobia on campus. Anti-discrimination officers should be notified whenever such a comment is made, it says.

Can you say 1984?

But the report makes clear that systems like this will not eradicate Islamophobia from Canadian campuses. To remove stereotypes, faculty, staff, students and administrators must all learn “the tenets of Islam,” it said. “Education modules” for professors should incorporate a focus on “Islam and Islamophobia,” while student activities could range from more courses on themes of the Qur’an and the Islamic world today to “socials, programs and other initiatives” to teach about Islam. Everyone on campus should learn to recognize his or her “collective responsibility to identify and stop Islamophobia.”

Throughout this process, however, Islam must not be taught from a “Western perspective.” This qualifies as Islamophobia, because it “misrepresents Islam.” At the same time, the report says, some Muslim students have called for integrating “Islamic perspectives” in disciplines such as marketing, nursing and finance,” since Islam’s view of these differs from those of the West.

The absolute arrogance of them! It’s us that are misguided!

And where’s the ACLU in all this? Where’s their outrage that public facilitates are being used to advance a religion? Hiding under their burkas, probably.

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