Views From Kennewick

Monday, July 31, 2006

Home Grown Terrorist In Kennewick

Well ain't that just dandy? Kennewick is now on the map. Not for it's accomplishments, not for the fact that Welch's Grape Juice started here, not for the fact that it's a beautiful part of the country...oh's because this murderous freak Haj shaved his head and body hair, preparing for Jihad, drove to Seattle, and forced his way into the Jewish Federation building, hiding behind a teenage girl.

He proceeded to shoot several people, killing one. And now the Seattle papers are whitewashing Haj's jihadweenie attempt by stating he's mentally ill.

Big surprise...not.

Haj's daddy is a biggie at the local mosque. Gee, I wonder what was taught at mosque on the day Haj decided to shave in preparation for martyrdom, drove 3.5 hours to Seattle, scared the snot out of a teenager, shot a pregnant woman, killed another, wounded several more.

Yet the Seattle papers are treating him gently..."he has mental problems" kidding?

Screw that crap!

I'm damned sick and tired of these jihadweenies.
I'm darned sick of politically correct war.
I'm damned sick and tired of seeing good people harmed.
I'm sick to death that America has forgotten 9/11 or worse, that some make apologies for these slime bags.

The jihadweenies think they're real men. Real men don't hide behind women and kids, they protect them.

If muslims feel "humiliated" SO FREAKIN WHAT? I don't give a rats ass if you feel humiliated.

Fight like real men and fight in a battlefield, don't hide your lame ass behind women and kids, forcing them to take your bullets.

Thank God that the IDF is fighting this war for the world, it's not JUST an Israeli problem, it's a worldwide problem.

Wake up America, jihadweenies are here and starting their nasty little tactics. WAKE UP.