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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When Will the Next 9/11 Attack Happen?

It's an unanswerable question. It's unimaginable--but so was the 9/11 attack on our country.

The big question is what you can do about it. We can't all join the armed forces, we can't all join the intelligence community, we can't all become FBI or CIA agents.

Jack Bauer isn't real (damnit! I'd really love to have him as my best friend).

Here's what you can do. Here's what you must do:

Get prepared
  • have an ample supply for food, water, weapons and ammo (if so inclined)
  • learn self-defense
  • learn to profile by behavior, when the hair on your neck rises or you are sure there's a it to the FBI tip line
  • STOP being politically correct
  • learn what to expect
Hamas and Hezbollah have a good foothold in the USA now, thanks to the open borders, and thanks in part to the M-13 gang. M-13 is known to have brought many not so nice folks over our borders, at a nice profit. This is well known to government officials.

Here are a few of the intended targets for Hamas:

Lions Clubs
Local Civic Clubs

That's a short list. If you've got a service organization that's serving your community, your organization is a target.

You are a target.

Get out of denial and learn from those who know. Here's an excellent book by a remarkable woman. Because They Hate Get it. Read it. Give copies to your friends and family.

And for pete's sake, get your wallet out and donate to this organization: American Congress for Truth