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Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Memory of Israeli Holocaust victim Leviu Librescu
by Evelyn Hayes, Author of Plague Series Thursday, April 19, 2007

As the world sleeps, nestled into a cozy continuation, it ignores the
plagues but they infiltrated the American suburban Virginia Tech Campus
and with the outburst of Ismail AX, a plagued mind, did the work of the
plaguing campus phantoms invading learning with hate, did it with blood
and gore. As the death and injuries of so many University Youth reach
each and everyone, their innocence, their dreams, their efforts are each
and everyone's.

We feel the bullets because the bullets exploding our hearts are the five
bullets, chumash, that entered the heart of a senior Jewish professor on Holocaust
Remembrance Day.

As they say the Holocaust never happened, kadima peace with the enemy,
even in British Universities who supported Haj al Husseini while he
partnered with Hitler.

As Israel is a Divestment Target looming from major universities, such
an investment, Israeli Holocaust victim Leviu Librescu, survivor of such
evil and decadence for over sixty years, professor, writer, educator,
benefactor of civilization, protector is purposely wasted saving the
lives of our youth.

He is a hero in their personal eyes, and his heroism will never die in
our eyes across the Jewish world, the American world, the world of those
who don't want to see evil continue to exist.

On Holocaust Remembrance Days, as we remember heroes of before, survivors and benefactors, the divested remnants who remade their lives, we ask, What if all those
Israelite Jewish lives were here to protect us against the natural,
chemical and abnormal human plagues?

What if all those were here to perfect? What if those beautiful Jewish
children with big innocent eyes, so lovely to see and hear, so loved,
such a pride, were amidst us alive and well, would they still be killing
children, students, the future of our pasts?

Would hate and maniacal genocide loom so focused and fused
against those who love, protect, perfect? May this monument of a man, a
proud autobiography of his people still targeted, whose everyman was his
responsibility make us all responsible to stop the plagues and let
liberty ring and there be blessing for all blessed by all, each for

As the world lives, wife, children, grandchildren and furthermore, Leviu
Librescu lives in each and everyone of us. Let his greatness be the
chemistry to engineer humanity and eradicate the plagues. Such an
investment lost, let it make a divestment against more hate and evil and
all that murders.

We are at such a loss. We are so proud that such a hero, a Holocaust
survivor, helped so many survive. Let this terrible loss be a gain
against all plagues. He is the hero lost to the insanity of a madman
inspired by madmen. He is the hero found, dignified and human kind, wise
spreading wisdom.

As the world remembers, as Zion mourns, let us know no more sorrow,
sadness, plagues. Let there just be love gained from all the losses and
let it be a remedy. Let the remarkable being of Leviu Librescu, Levi ben
Isidore, survive and guide us all.

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