Views From Kennewick

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sons and...sons?

I can't speak to sons and daughters, but 2 sons 2 years me, there's a lot to talk about.

My youngest came home on leave for a few days, and it was heaven - for me. He's become a fine young man.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely he'll move this direction when he gets out of the Army, as it's a small, fairly rural community. Who can blame him? There's not a lot for a young man to do here, seemingly.

The kids that were born and raised here seem to have done quite well. My boys though, were raised in a fairly large city, and are used to all that entails.

The youngest let it be known he wasn't wild about the cold, and the wind.

Though he enjoys visiting, it's doubtful he'll take up residence here. So what's a mother to do? Follow the kids around? I'm not sure, but I'm wishing we weren't quite such a mobile society, and that the extended family was still in vogue, or at least still possible.

When you realize the children you raised are now adults, and not terribly interested in the things you're interested in, you're in deep trouble. Perhaps it's time to do some creative thinking and make some wiggle room.