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Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Don't Care by P.Foster

"Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not

started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11,

2001 ?

Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally

murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our

nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ?

Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible,

burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they?

And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when

an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?

Well, I don't. I don't care at all.

I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for

incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.

I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start

caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in

Saudi Arabia.

I'll care when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi tells the world he is sorry for

hacking off Nick Berg's head while Berg screamed through his gurgling

slashed throat.

I'll care when the cowardly so-called "insurgents" in Iraq come out and

fight like men instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in


I'll care when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up in search of

nirvana care about the innocent children within range of their suicide


I'll care when the American media stops pretending that their First

Amendment liberties are somehow derived from international law instead

of the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights.

In the meantime, when I hear a story about a brave marine roughing up

an Iraqi terrorist to obtain information, know this: I don't care.

When I see a fuzzy photo of a pile of naked Iraqi prisoners who have

been humiliated in what amounts to a college-hazing incident, rest

assured that I don't care.

When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is told not

to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank

that I don't care.

When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a prayer mat,

and fed "special" food that is paid for by my tax dollars, is

complaining that his holy book is being "mishandled," you can

absolutely believe in your heart of hearts that I don't care.

And oh, by the way, I've noticed that sometimes it's spelled

"Koran" and other times "Quran." Well, Jimmy Crack Corn and ---- you

guessed it - - I don't care ! ! ! ! !

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a

difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem."
-- Ronald Reagan

"If we ever forget that we're One Nation Under God,
then we will be a nation gone under."
--Ronald Reagan

"We will not have peace as long as they hate us more than they love

their children." --Golda Mier

Friday, January 26, 2007

According to CAIR - Catholic Priests are a Bigger Terrorist Threat than the 9/11 Terrorists

A Blogger has stated that the John Edwards campaign should reach out to CAIR. CAIR is definitely not a group we should associate with.
The Middle East situation is very tenuous. And will ALWAYS remain so, as long as Shira law and Muslim schools teach hate.

Here is just a Brief History of CAIR

CAIR was founded in 1994 by alumni of an older group, the Islamic Association for Palestine. The IAP, founded by senior Hamas figure Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, calls for the destruction of Israel and the creation of an Islamic state under Islamic law in Israel's place. (In 1996, CAIR would condemn the U.S. government's decision to deport Marzook as an "anti-Islamic" act.)

CAIR's first executive director, Nihad Awad, publicly declared himself a supporter of Hamas at a 1994 forum at Barry University in Florida.

One of CAIR's original advisory board members, Siraj Wahhaj, served as a character witness for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. Rahman is the blind Egyptian cleric convicted in 1995 of conspiracy to bomb New York landmarks. CAIR described Rahman's conviction as a hate crime.

CAIR's founding chairman, Omar Ahmed, also an IAP alumnus, is said to have declared at a public event in California in July, 1998: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran . . . should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth." Ahmed has since disputed the accuracy of the quote--five years after it was reported by a California newspaper.

After the 9/11 attacks on the United States, CAIR's Web site featured a link titled, "Donate to the NY/DC Disaster Relief Fund." The link connected to the Web site of the Holy Land Foundation, a charity closed down by the United States three months later as a Hamas front.

Over the past 10 years, CAIR has grown rapidly. It now claims a total of 29 affiliates, including CAIR Canada. CAIR's media savvy won it much official attention after 9/11. With that attention, however, also came a higher degree of scrutiny.

Since 9/11, three CAIR associates in the U.S. have been indicted on terrorism-related charges.

In September, 2003, CAIR community relations director Bassem K. Khafagi, pleaded guilty on immigration and bank-fraud charges, in Detroit. Khafagi interestingly co-owned a print shop with another man who has since been charged with illegally sending goods into Iraq.

Randall Todd Royer, a communications specialist at CAIR's Washington headquarters, pleaded guilty in January, 2004, to belonging to the Kashmiri Lashkar-i-Taibi terrorist group and illegally acquiring firearms and explosives in order to train for terrorist missions against India. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

A founding member of CAIR's Texas chapter, Ghassen Elashi, was convicted of conspiracy and money-laundering charges in connection with the shipment of high-technology items to Syria and Libya in July, 2004.

This record has drawn increasing notice in the United States. CAIR officials were invited to join President Bush at his September, 2001, visit to Washington's mosque, but were omitted from the invitation list to the 2003 and 2004 White House Iftar dinners (an Iftar meal is the fast-breaking at the end of a day in Ramadan). New York Senator Chuck Schumer has charged that CAIR members have "intimate links to Hamas." Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, a political leader noted for his sensitivity to Islamic concerns, has said that CAIR is "unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its association with groups that are suspect."

Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Tampa Chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), quote: "Catholic priests pose more of a terrorism threat by having sex with young altar boys than those who flew planes into the World Trade Center."

"Truthful" Explanation of So-Called Innocents--and Why it's OK to Kill Them

Want to know what the real scoop is? Check HERE and find out.

Al Qaeda Trying To Ethnically Cleanse Yemen Of Jews. Again.

When is a citizen in a Muslim country not a citizen worth protecting? When they're a Jew:

The Saudi newspaper Al Watan reported on Monday that 45 Jews in a village just north of San'a in Yemen were forced to leave their homes due to threats from radical Muslims. One resident confirmed the reports in an interview with Israel Radio, saying that the Jews in her village had received letters from the government warning them to flee because the al-Qaida organization was threatening to kill them. The resident said she and her friends had left the village and were currently staying in a hotel. She said they were afraid to return home, but that they nonetheless had no plans to make aliyah to Israel.

Oh, and one more thing:

Jews are a small minority in the mostly Muslim country. Most of Yemen's Jews were brought over to Israel during Operation Magic Carpet in 1949-50, following the 1948 Muslim riots that ruined the Jewish community in Aden and killed 82 people.

Just another reminder: when the UN holds multi-day conferences on how Arabs were "forced" to leave Israel, there actually were about 600,000 Jews who were forced to leave Arab lands. Their "right of return" seems to have been forgotten, probably because the asterisk next to that part of human rights says "except, obviously, for persecuted Jews in Arab and Muslim lands".

January 25, 2007

Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

Honor killing in modern, moderate Jordan, where the Parliament rejected strengthing laws against this sort of thing.

By Shafika Mattar for AP, with thanks to all who sent this in:

AMMAN, Jordan - A Jordanian man fatally shot his 17-year-old daughter whom he suspected of having sex despite a medical exam that proved her chastity, an official said Thursday. The man surrendered to police hours after the killing, saying he had done it for family honor.

A state forensic pathologist, who works at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine in Amman where an autopsy was performed, said in a phone interview that the girl had run away from home several times for unknown reasons.

Weeks ago, the girl had returned home from a family protection clinic after doctors had vouched for her virginity and the father had signed a pledge not to harm her, the pathologist said on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the case.

"The tests proved that she was a virgin," the pathologist said. The girl returned home only after her father signed a statement promising not to harm her, he added.

The father shot the girl four times in the head on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an autopsy was performed that again showed "she was still a virgin," the pathologist said.

Authorities have not disclosed the names of the father or the daughter or even their hometown, saying only that they lived in a southern province.

The crime is the first "honor killing" this year in Jordan, where many men consider sex out of wedlock to be an almost indelible stain on a family's reputation. On average, about 20 women in the country are killed by their relatives in such cases each year. Women have been killed for simply dating.


January 26, 2007

U.S. had "catch and release" policy on suspected Iranian agents until recently

As one U.S. official accurately described the policy: "We were bending over backwards not to fight back."

"Troops Authorized to Kill Iranian Operatives in Iraq," by Dafna Linzer for the Washington Post:

The Bush administration has authorized the U.S. military to kill or capture Iranian operatives inside Iraq as part of an aggressive new strategy to weaken Tehran's influence across the Middle East and compel it to give up its nuclear program, according to government and counterterrorism officials with direct knowledge of the effort.
For more than a year, U.S. forces in Iraq have secretly detained dozens of suspected Iranian agents, holding them for three to four days at a time. The "catch and release" policy was designed to avoid escalating tensions with Iran and yet intimidate its emissaries. U.S. forces collected DNA samples from some of the Iranians without their knowledge, subjected others to retina scans, and fingerprinted and photographed all of them before letting them go.
Last summer, however, senior administration officials decided that a more confrontational approach was necessary, as Iran's regional influence grew and U.S. efforts to isolate Tehran appeared to be failing. The country's nuclear work was advancing, U.S. allies were resisting robust sanctions against the Tehran government, and Iran was aggravating sectarian violence in Iraq.
"There were no costs for the Iranians," said one senior administration official. "They are hurting our mission in Iraq, and we were bending over backwards not to fight back."
Three officials said that about 150 Iranian intelligence officers, plus members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Command, are believed to be active inside Iraq at any given time. There is no evidence the Iranians have directly attacked U.S. troops in Iraq, intelligence officials said.
But, for three years, the Iranians have operated an embedding program there, offering operational training, intelligence and weaponry to several Shiite militias connected to the Iraqi government, to the insurgency and to the violence against Sunni factions. Gen. Michael V. Hayden, the director of the CIA, told the Senate recently that the amount of Iranian-supplied materiel used against U.S. troops in Iraq "has been quite striking."
"Iran seems to be conducting a foreign policy with a sense of dangerous triumphalism," Hayden said.


Information gleaned through the "catch and release" policy expanded what was once a limited intelligence community database on Iranians in Iraq. It also helped to avert a crisis between the United States and the Iraqi government over whether U.S. troops should be holding Iranians, several officials said, and dampened the possibility of Iranians directly targeting U.S. personnel in retaliation.
But senior officials saw it as too timid.
"We were making no traction" with "catch and release," a senior counterterrorism official said in a recent interview, explaining that it had failed to halt Iranian activities in Iraq or worry the Tehran leadership. "Our goal is to change the dynamic with the Iranians, to change the way the Iranians perceive us and perceive themselves. They need to understand that they cannot be a party to endangering U.S. soldiers' lives and American interests, as they have before. That is going to end."
A senior intelligence officer was more wary of the ambitions of the strategy.
"This has little to do with Iraq. It's all about pushing Iran's buttons. It is purely political," the official said. The official expressed similar views about other new efforts aimed at Iran, suggesting that the United States is escalating toward an unnecessary conflict to shift attention away from Iraq and to blame Iran for the United States' increasing inability to stanch the violence there.
But some officials within the Bush administration say that targeting Iran's Revolutionary Guard Command, and specifically a Guard unit known as the Quds Force, should be as much a priority as fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Quds Force is considered by Western intelligence to be directed by Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to support Iraqi militias, Hamas and Hezbollah.
In interviews, two senior administration officials separately compared the Tehran government to the Nazis and the Guard to the "SS." They also referred to Guard members as "terrorists." Such a formal designation could turn Iran's military into a target of what Bush calls a "war on terror," with its members potentially held as enemy combatants or in secret CIA detention.
Asked whether such a designation is imminent, Johndroe of the NSC said in a written response that the administration has "long been concerned about the activities of the IRGC and its components throughout the Middle East and beyond." He added: "The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force is a part of the Iranian state apparatus that supports and carries out these activities."


January 25, 2007

Francis Fukuyama: "Whether there is anything specific to the Muslim religion that encourages this radicalisation is an open question"

Didn't history end already? Why then are we still hearing from Francis Fukuyama?

In "Identity and Migration" in Prospect, he says this:

Whether there is anything specific to the Muslim religion that encourages this radicalisation is an open question. Since 11th September, a small industry has sprung up trying to show how violence and even suicide bombing have deep Koranic or historical roots. It is important to remember, however, that at many periods in history Muslim societies have been more tolerant than their Christian counterparts. The Jewish philosopher Maimonides was born in Muslim Córdoba, which was a diverse centre of culture and learning; Baghdad for many generations hosted one of the world's largest Jewish communities. It makes no more sense to see today's radical Islamism as an inevitable outgrowth of Islam than to see fascism as the culmination of centuries of European Christianity.

We see thus that it is an open question that he immediately closes. In other words, like Dinesh D'Souza, he proposes that we ignore the testimony of the jihadists themselves, when they make copious use of the Qur'an and Sunnah to justify their acts of violence. (See, to take just two examples out of a great many, here and here.) No, the equation of Islam with violence comes not from them but from a "small industry" -- of "Islamophobes," no doubt -- that has sprung up since 9/11. We should also ignore the doctrine of warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers that is taught by every single orthodox Islamic sect and school of jurisprudence. Instead, we should note that dhimmis were able to practice their religions within the Islamic state -- while ignoring also, of course, the institutionalized discrimination under which they labored even in vaunted Muslim Córdoba.

In fact, Muslim Spain was hardly a paradise for non-Muslims. Even Maria Rosa Menocal, in her extended whitewash of Muslim Spain called The Ornament of the World, admits that at the laws of dhimmitude were very much in force in the great Al-Andalus:

The dhimmi, as these covenanted peoples were called, were granted religious freedom, not forced to convert to Islam. They could continue to be Jews and Christians, and, as it turned out, they could share in much of Muslim social and economic life. In return for this freedom of religious conscience the Peoples of the Book (pagans had no such privilege) were required to pay a special tax — no Muslims paid taxes — and to observe a number of restrictive regulations: Christians and Jews were prohibited from attempting to proselytize Muslims, from building new places of worship, from displaying crosses or ringing bells. In sum, they were forbidden most public displays of their religious rituals.

So much for paradise. Also, historian Kenneth Baxter Wolf observes that “much of this new legislation aimed at limiting those aspects of the Christian cult which seemed to compromise the dominant position of Islam.” After enumerating a list of laws much like Menocal’s, he adds: “Aside from such cultic restrictions most of the laws were simply designed to underscore the position of the dimmîs as second-class citizens.” These laws were not uniformly or strictly enforced; Christians were forbidden public funeral processions, but one contemporary account tells of priests merely “pelted with rocks and dung” rather than being arrested while on the way to a cemetery.

If Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived together peaceably and productively only with Christians and Jews relegated by law to second-class citizen status, then al-Andalus has absolutely no reason to be lionized in our age. The laws of dhimmitude give all of Menocal’s accounts of Jewish viziers and Christian diplomats the same hollow ring as the stories of prominent American blacks from the slavery and Jim Crow eras: yes, Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington were great men, but their accomplishments not only do not erase or contradict the records of the oppression of their people, but render them all the more poignant and haunting. Whatever the Christians and Jews of al-Andalus accomplished, they were still dhimmis. They enjoyed whatever rights and privileges they had not out of any sense of the dignity of all people before God, or the equality of all before the law, but at the sufferance of their Muslim overlords.


January 26, 2007

Year of the bleep

that's all folks.jpg

If China capitulates first, there won't be any bombs at the Olympics...perhaps.

From the Sidney Morning Herald (whose headline gets the nod, but thanks to all who sent this in from various sources):

China's ruling Communist Party has banned images and mention of pigs in TV advertisements airing over the lunar new year to avoid offending the country's Muslims, an advertising agency said on Friday.

"We were told by the CCTV (China Central Television) censorship team that the CCTV advertising department announced a new regulation on pigs in its internal document," an executive at the Shanghai-based Mindshare agency said.

The ban also applies to cartoons and traditional paper-cut images of pigs, and to slogans such as "golden pig brings you fortune" and "wish you a happy pig year", the executive said.

So, all you Western teachers who were planning big multi-cultural celebrations of Chinese New Year, watch out. It may be that in your local school district, too, Muslim traditions trump Chinese ones. Perhaps it would be best to spend Chinese New Year quietly working on times tables with your students


January 25, 2007

Bahraini reformer: "I listen to music"

Few people are aware that Islamic law forbids music, and when I have pointed it out, I've been accused of distortion and "Islamophobia." Bahraini author Dhiyaa Al-Musawi knows better, and lists it along with several other points as evidence of his going against religious orthodoxy. He also has good things to say about rejecting the Islamic mandate to hate Jews and Christians.

"Bahraini Liberal Author Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: We Hang Our Thinkers on the Gallows of Ideology. I Listen to Music and Placed Pictures of Jesus and Martin Luther King in My Home," from MEMRI:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Bahraini intellectual Dhiyaa Al-Musawi, which aired on Abu Dhabi TV on December 29, 2006.


We need to reform and to reshape religious thinking, because, in all honesty, the pulpits of our mosques have begun to "booby trap" the people.

Interviewer: In what way?

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: They booby trap them by generating hatred towards "the other." We have claimed a monopoly over Paradise, and each of us has recorded it in the land registry in his name.


The Koran is balanced. It talks about the fire of Hell and the fruits of Paradise, but we constantly preach about the horrors of Judgment Day, saying that a bald Satan, or a bald serpent, would visit them in the grave. It is constant terror. It is always a dark picture. Why? That is the problem. Unfortunately, some young men – out of a wrong interpretation of religion... The moment he becomes religious, he ceases to smile and to greet others. He accuses some people of heresy and others of sin. He begins all that discourse. He hates music, and refuses to dress neatly. His mind is abducted into the dungeons of ideology, I'm sad to say.

Interviewer: Let me ask you a question. If a Shiite, or even a Sunni, becomes a religious cleric, yet he listens to music, can the Arab public possibly accept him?

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: In my view, the Arab disposition suffers from many problems. We have destroyed many things, including the beauty of the general disposition. Music is a beautiful thing...

Interviewer: Do you listen to music?

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: Yes, I listen to music. I listen to classical music, and I think Beethoven's symphonies are very beautiful. They are among the masterpieces of human art. I believe that music develops the spirit of Man and humbles him. What is wrong with that?


As for the policy of non-violence, I'd like to give you the example of Gandhi, whom I consider a hero. If only we could obtain some of Gandhi's genes, and plant them in the brains of our youth in the Arab world...

Interviewer: In your home, you have pictures of Martin Luther King and Jesus on the wall.

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: In my home, I put up a picture of Jesus, because whenever I look at his picture, worlds of peace and love open up before me. It was Jesus who said: "Love thy enemies, bless them who curse thee." We need this beautiful language in our society. I also have a picture of Gandhi, whom I consider to be a very fine person, and whose [image] we should plant in the minds of our youth.


Some of us say: "May Allah curse the Jews and the Christians, the offspring of apes and pigs." Is this the language of progress? Is this the language of enlightenment and tolerance? If you had been born in Rome, you would have been Christian, if you had been born in Tehran, you would have been Shiite, and if you had been born in Saudi Arabia, you would have been Sunni, and so on. How wonderful it would be if all these people could gather in love around the table of humanity.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama: The Most Authoritarian of all Presidential Candidates

by Eric Dondero

Obama is "to the left of Mao Tse Tung" -- former IL State Senator Steve Rauschenberger

Last week Insight Magazine out of DC uncovered Barack Obama's ties to Radical Islam. They did an extensive, detailed investigative report titled "Barak Obama's Religious Problem" Insight Magazine. Insight found that Obama, son and then step-son of two Radical Muslim Fathers, attended a Madrassa in Indonesia for 4 years as a child. The Liberal Media, ABC and CNN of note, have gone nuts since trying to discredit Insight. Yet Insight has stood by their story, and have provided even further details on the connections.

Obama and his campaign are now on a nationwide tour trying to counter the growing controversy. The campaign issued a statement saying that Obama is a "pracitcing Christian" and always has been.

But the obvious question still stands, and is unavoidable. If you're not a Muslim, than why have a very non-Christian Muslim name?

One of America's most respected longtime libertarians, Worldwide Adventurer and Middle Eastern expert Dr. Jack Wheeler, recently wrote a column "The Audacity of Apostasy: Barack Obama's Muslim links."

Wheeler wrote, "He was born of a Moslem father, raised by a Moslem stepfather, and received his first education at a Moslem school. That he subsequently went to a Catholic school in Jakarta before living with his mother’s parents back in Honolulu makes no difference. In the eyes of Moslems, he originally was a Moslem. How can he not be in those eyes, with a Koranic first name and his middle name that of the grandson of Mohammed?"

Of particular interest to libertarians and other freedom lovers, Hussein Obama has the most hardcore Socialist voting record in the US Senate. Obama's voting record, first as an Illinois State Senator and now as a United States Senator, has been been nothing short of Radical Left. He's received a perfect 100% from the Marxist Americans for Democrat Action (ADA). Also, 100% from the pro-big government NEA and the Federation of Government Employees.

On the other side, Obama received a 0% from both Gun Owners of America and Americans for Tax Reform. Most recently, the National Taxpayers Union gave him a 6%. But back in 1999 as a State Senator he received a perfect 0% from NTU. In fairness, Obama did do slightly better, with the Small Business Council, 9%, and the American Conservative Union at 8%. Average that all up, and it comes out to about a 2 to 3% on the Freedom Scale. Translation; Hardest of Hardcore Authoritarian Statist.

From “Barack Obama is one of the brighter men I’ve worked with in the Legislature,” said State Senator Steve Rauschenberger (R.-Elgin), but he described Obama’s location on the political spectrum as “to the left of Mao Tse-tung.”

America should strongly consider electing a Black President or more likely VP. But someone with some integrity and a little more of the political mainstream, like Condy Rice, Colin Powell, or Michael Steele.

*Note - Eric Dondero is a US Navy Vet, who spent 9 months stationed in the Middle East: Bahrain and Djibouti. He speaks basic Arabic, among many other languages.

Hard-liner threatens holy war against Indonesian police for killing Muslim militants

JAKARTA (AP): An alleged Southeast Asian terror leader threatened to call for holy war against Indonesian police Thursday, days after an anti-terror squad shot dead 15 suspected Islamic extremists.

Abu Bakar Bashir, accused by Australia and the United States of being a key figure in the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah, said Muslims should stop serving in the police's anti-terror squad on Indonesia's conflict-ridden Sulawesi island.

"If Muslims are being killed, then we must fight back," the 69-year-old cleric told around 100 hard-liners outside the National Human Rights Commission in the capital, Jakarta, where they were protesting Monday's killings.

"If necessary, we must organize a jihad," he said.

Police say they shot the 15 men Monday after coming under attack as they entered a militant stronghold in Poso, a flash- point town on Sulawesi. They recovered large numbers of guns, bombs and ammunition.

Islamic groups and politicians have criticized police following the raid.

However, Indonesia's vice president, other government officials and most of the media in the world's most populous Muslim nation have supported the operation.

"There is an attempt in Poso to eliminate the Muslims so the unbelievers will control the town," Bashir said. "I curse the actions of (the anti-terror squad) Densus 88 for killing Muslims and helping the unbelievers."

The International Crisis Group think tank said Wednesday that the operation appeared to be justified, but warned that it could backfire by inflaming Islamic terrorists on Sulawesi and elsewhere in Indonesia.

Six years ago, Sulawesi was the scene of bloody battles between Muslim and Christian gangs that left about 1,000 people dead and attracted Islamic militants from all over Indonesia.

Bashir was released from jail last year after serving 26 months behind bars for conspiracy in the deadly 2002 Bali bombings. In December, the Supreme Court overturned the conviction and ordered that his name be cleared. (***)

January 25, 2007

Terror Australis: Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali sneaks back into Austrlia via VIP exit.

Sheik returns to Australia
January 25, 2007 12:00

CONTROVERSIAL cleric Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali has snuck back into Sydney from his overseas holiday - just in time for Australia Day celebrations tomorrow.

After causing an uproar over comments he made on Egyptian television during his absence, Sheik Hilali avoided the waiting media at the airport last night and was ushered through a VIP exit after his plane touched down.

Reports today said there was police protection waiting for him.

One airport worker also said the mufti was accompanied by two quarantine officers as he left the building and had no baggage with him.

Sheik Hilali caused outrage in an interview on Egyptian TV in which he called Westerners liars and said that Muslims were more entitled to live in Australia than the descendents of Anglo-Saxons sent here as convicts in chains.

His recent comments - made while he was on holiday recovering from the Hajj pilgrimage - followed the stir he caused last year when he compared immodestly dressed women to "uncovered meat".

Senior politicians from both the Labor and Liberal parties reacted to the latest outrage by urging him to stay away from Australia if he didn't like it.

The sheik has also made headlines in recent days over suggestions he would challenge Premier Morris Iemma for the Lakemba seat in the New South Wales state election.

A spokesman later clarified that the plan was to recruit and endorse Muslim candidates in at least three western Sydney seats in the NSW Parliament, though Mr Iemma said he was keen to take on Sheik Hilali himself.

The sheik's plan was also described by one Islamic leader as "about as helpful as Pauline Hanson getting back into politics".

Despite the controversy he generates, Sheik Hilali says that he loves Australia.

How's that again? Sharia law in Canada?

January 24, 2007

Canada: Baby-stabber refuses to grant wife sharia divorce

Ain't multiculturalism grand? "Baby-stabber refuses to grant wife sharia divorce: Blames attack on his drug abuse. She wants to return to Lebanon but fears she could face arrest for child abduction," by Katherine Wilton in the Gazette, with thanks to TeeCee:

A man who stabbed his wife seven times, then knifed their infant daughter, told a Quebec Court hearing yesterday he regretted the assaults and blamed his actions on a drug problem.

The man, whose name cannot be published to protect his child's identity, attacked his wife last February in their Snowdon apartment before stabbing the 15-month-old girl in the stomach.

The man pleaded guilty in December to two counts of aggravated assault, rather than stand trial for attempted murder.

The couple are Muslim. His wife wants to return with her daughter to her family in her native Lebanon, but is reluctant to do so unless her husband grants her a sharia divorce, conducted by an imam.

The man testified yesterday he has no intention of granting his wife a divorce in Canada under sharia law.

How's that again? Sharia law in Canada?

"The issue of the divorce will be decided over there," he told Judge Martin Vauclair.

Without such a divorce, the woman says, she fears she could be forced to live with her husband in Lebanon when he returns, or be arrested for abducting her daughter if she takes the girls there without her spouse.

The man also told the prosecutor he didn't think he needed treatment for violent behaviour, saying he is normally a peaceful person.

Need Some Cheese With That Whine?

January 25, 2007

Muslims get angry at films depicting them as terrorists

These films fuel "Islamophobia," you see. Some even dare to link Islamic ritual to terrorist attacks. No one seems to have considered the possibility that actual terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic terrorists who perform Islamic rituals and ascribe their terrorist acts to Islamic teachings fuel "Islamophobia" far more than any film ever could. "From Aladdin to Lost Ark, Muslims get angry at 'bad guy' film images: Crude and exaggerated stereotypes are fuelling Islamophobia, says study," by Lucy Ward in The Guardian, with thanks to D. C. Watson:

Popular films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to children's cartoons are depicting "crude and exaggerated" stereotypes of Muslims and perpetuating Islamophobia, according to a study published today.

A report by the Islamic Human Rights Commission argues that films as diverse as The Siege, a portrayal of a terrorist attack on New York starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis, the Disney film Aladdin and the British comedy East is East have helped demonise Muslims as violent, dangerous and threatening, and reinforce prejudices.

While The Siege is attacked for inter-cutting Islamic ritual and terrorist violence, potentially linking the two in the minds of audiences, Aladdin faces criticism for depicting Arabs as "ruthless caricatures" with "exaggerated and ridiculous accents".

The study, titled The British media and Muslim representation: the ideology of demonisation, argues that Hollywood has a crucial role in influencing how the public views Muslims.

A survey conducted as part of the research revealed that Muslims in Britain felt negative images of their faith on the big and small screen had consequences in their daily lives. Those interviewed "found a direct correlation between media portrayal and their social experiences of exclusion, hatred, discrimination and violence".

Do Muslims in Britain really want to lessen experiences of exclusion, hatred, discrimination and violence? Easy. Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Stop blaming violent acts committed by Muslims in the name of Islam on the various sins of unbelievers.

2. Establish nationwide, compulsory programs in mosques to teach against the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism, by means including an explicit and definitive rejection of the literal meaning of many passages of Qur'an and Hadith.

3. Stop saying violent or hateful things in private when you think no non-Muslims are around. The most notorious recent example is the Dispatches documentary. There was also the imam Umar Abdul-Jalil, executive director of ministerial services for the New York City Department of Correction, was secretly recorded last year while speaking at an Islamic conference in Arizona. Muslims, he said, invoking Qur’an 48:29, must be "compassionate with each other" and "hard against the kufr [unbeliever]." In Britain, Hamid Ali, imam of the mosque frequented by the July 7 bombers, praised the bombers and called their terror attack "good" in a conversation secretly recorded by an undercover journalist. Publicly, he had condemned the attacks. In a mosque in the Czech Republic, a Muslim secretly filmed by a documentary filmmaker says Islamic Shari’a law, including the stoning of adulterers, should be adopted by the Czech Republic. Cleveland imam Fawaz Damra, who has since been deported for failing to disclose his ties to terror groups, signed the Fiqh Council of North America’s condemnation of terrorism, despite having declared at an Islamic conference that "terrorism, and terrorism alone, is the path to liberation."

Do such incidents mean that every Muslim who professes to have adopted Western notions of pluralism and the equality of dignity and rights of non-Muslims and Muslims is dissembling? Of course not. But they do mean that non-Muslims are perfectly justified in being suspicious even when Muslim profess moderation and opposition to terror. Consequently deeds, not just words, are needed. To conclude my four recommendations, genuinely anti-terror Muslims should:

4. Actively work with Western law enforcement officials to identify and apprehend jihadists within Western Muslim communities.

But it is unlikely that any of that will be done. Instead, these poor mistrusted, misunderstood folks will keep crying "Islamophobia" and trying to manipulate the American legal and political systems.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Islam poised to swallow Jesus’ boyhood home

By Stan Goodenough
Jan 02, 2007

The Islamic world’s ambition of forcing Judeo-Christian civilization into submission to Allah is steadily being realized in the Land of Israel – birthplace of both targeted faiths.

According to a report in WorldNetDaily Monday Nazareth, the Galilee town marking the place where Jesus lived as a boy with His mother Mary and carpenter “step-father” Joseph is on the verge of being submerged under the authority of a Muslim-dominated city council.

Like Bethlehem in Judea, the population of Nazareth which was once overwhelmingly Christian, has long been replaced by a Muslim majority.

As Muslims have grown in number, Christians have increasingly felt threatened by them, and are leaving.

WorldNetDaily (WND) has Israel’s Bureau of Statistics today pegging the Christian population at 37 percent, and on a steadily downward trend.

Sunday saw hundreds of Nazareth’s Muslims marching militantly through the streets, purportedly in “celebration” of the Islamic holiday of Eid but, in the eyes of many of the city’s Christians, in an act of intentional intimidation.

According to a Muslim Nazareth city councilor quoted in the report tension between the Muslim and Christian Arabs is “very bad.”

Nazareth was sitting on a powder keg, said Siham el-Fahum. Another round of anti-Christian riots could break out “at any time.”

WND reported that tens of thousands of residents looked on while leaders of the Islamic Movement – the main Muslim political party in Nazareth – paraded down the main thoroughfare in battle gear, beating their drums and “brandishing their party's green flag … as a man on loudspeaker repeatedly exclaimed in Arabic, ‘Allah is great’ [and] hundreds of activists strutted screaming Islamist epithets, including ‘Islam is the only truth’ and ‘Islam shall rule all!’”

Islam is well on the way to ruling Nazareth and Bethlehem, plum pickings indeed for the religion that has become (whether or not the politically-correct admit it) the arch enemy of Christians and Jews.

Apart from being Jesus’ hometown, Nazareth is revered by millions of Christians as the place where the Angel Gabriel visited Miriam (Mary) and informed her that she would become the mother of the Messiah. Marking this event is the largest church building in Nazareth – the Church of the Annunciation.

In 2002 the Israeli government, under pressure from a variety of Christian groups including the Vatican, prevented the city’s Muslims from building an enormous mosque right in front of the church. It is believed that the structure, in accordance with the Muslim tradition of expressing Islam’s “superiority” over Jewish and Christian sacred sites, would have had a number of minarets towering over the Church of Annunciation.

Muslim members of Nazareth’s city council believe that as soon as they hold a majority they will be able to move ahead and build their mosque.

They are currently just one councilor short of being able to do so.

Unwilling even to wait until then, Muslims are already holding regular prayer services on the designated plot of land. Christians inside the church are able to clearly hear the imam’s loud proclamations of “Islam will dominate the world!”

Meanwhile down in Bethlehem:

The burial place of Rachel, Jacob’s wife and Joseph’s mother; the home of Boaz and Ruth and the birthplace of their grandson David, Israel’s greatest king; the town from which, according to the prophet Micah, the Ruler would come Who would shepherd the people of Israel; the city in which Jesus the Messiah (“Christ” in Greek) was born – that ancient Judean city which 60 years ago had a solid Christian majority, long ago ceased to be a Christian town and more recently ceased to be under Israeli control.

Today Bethlehem has an overwhelming Muslim majority and in December 1995 it became one of the first of Israel’s heartland population centers surrendered to Yasser Arafat – a significant milestone on Islam’s quest that went almost completely ignored by Christians and Jews alike.

Multitudes of Christians remain blind to the gravity of this takeover. Instead of asking themselves why Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, attended Christmas Mass at Bethlehem’s St Catherine’s Church on Manger Square (what business does a Muslim have at a Communion Service, unless he plans to convert to Christianity?) they blame the Israeli “occupation” for the exodus of Christian Bethlehemites and for the dearth in Christian tourists at Christmas time.

Taking a look at the wider picture: Iranian mullahs and Arabian imams repeatedly describe the Jewish State as the “Little Satan.”

The United States – the last real mainstay of Christianity – is the “Great Satan.”

What tens of thousands of Muslim clerics teach their followers throughout the Islamic world is that Allah will first give them victory over the “Little Satan” in the Middle East, and then over the “Great Satan” in the west.

They lead their people in chanting: “First we’ll fight on Saturday; then on Sunday.” Or a variation: “First we’ll kill the Saturday people (*Jews); then we’ll kill the Sunday people ((Christians).” *=blogger note

In its fight against the “Little Satan” Islam is constantly gaining ground.

The land-for-peace process has handed it many victories – and inflicted many defeats on the Judeo-Christian world.

While the jihad is being fought on numerous fronts and using numerous means (including, for example, 9-11 and the Second Intifada) it is most effectively being fought here on the ground in the Land of Israel.

There is no doubt that the Islamic world would see it as of major symbolic and spiritual significance if Muslims succeeded in bringing both the city where Jesus was born and the city where He spent His boyhood totally under their control.

All they would need to get their hands on then is the city in which He died and rose again. They already have the heart of that city – Israel’s most sacred site and the only place on the planet which God calls holy, and where He has said He desires to dwell – the Temple Mount.

Jews and Christians are already forbidden from praying, and even from taking their personal Bibles onto that Hill.

CAIR Again--Calls for Deportation of Those Speaking Against Terrorism

Muslim Convert and Refugee from Lebanon Addresses CAIR Canada’s Campaign of Bias
CAIR Calls for Arrest and Deportation for Speaking Against Terrorism

There is a growing and forceful campaign by CAIR and other Islamist organizations in Canada to silence the free speech of Zachariah Anani by calling for his arrest and deportation.

Anani is a Muslim convert to Christianity, former terrorist-militant and refugee from Lebanon.

CAIR, an organization which claims to be the voice of moderation, should be embracing Anani’s message against violence and the dangers of extremism instead of mounting a witch hunt against him.

It is no wonder that CAIR is attacking Anani, as it has been documented that many of the leaders of CAIR have openly supported the positions of Hamas, Hizballah and al-Queda – all recognized terrorist organizations.

Recently, Anani spoke on the dangers of radical extremism at a church in Ontario. A backlash ensued, with CAIR and other Islamist groups pressuring political leaders to throw Anani and his family out of the country. Two members of Parliament, and one member of City Council joined the mayor of Windsor in denouncing Anani. None of these political officials, however, attended the lecture or even watched a video of it. The content of Anani’s speech was almost exclusively from passages he read directly from the Koran.

Wally Chafchak, a member of the Windsor Police Services Board and the Windsor Islamic Association, is leading the charge to have Anani arrested. According to Arab American News of Michigan, CAIR Canada is also calling for Anani’s arrest.

In the Criminal Code there is a section that deals with spreading hatred in the community, Chafchak said. This instance should fall under those laws. Justice can only be served if this person is charged.

But Walid Shoebat, a former terrorist from the West Bank, believes silencing Anani is a dangerous trend with far reaching implications for the future of Canadian and eventually US freedoms.

“Incarcerating or deporting a former terrorist who wants to warn the world about extremism will set a dangerous precedence in Canada,” Shoebat says. “Instead of censoring free speech, CAIR should be encouraging Muslims to embrace Canadian culture, as other groups have, and not try to change it in a way that will censor the freedoms Canadians have fought and died for.”

Shoebat believes that CAIR and other Islamist organizations should join Anani in encouraging Muslims to speak out against terrorism and the killing, raping, forced conversion, mutilation and other acts of violence perpetrated by Jihadist groups worldwide against non-Muslims.

On Tuesday, January 30th at 7:00 p.m., Walid Shoebat, Zachariah Anani and Kamal Saleem, all former terrorists, will speak at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

See. and

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Views From A Medic In Iraq

From a medic in Iraq:

Following the article I sent about Bush's national address and troop increase, I thought it was a good idea to let you all know what the perspective is over here. I'm tired of hearing the media's skewed version, the politicians squabbling over what they read in a report, and the average ill-informed American ranting about things he knows NOTHING about. I've been over here a couple of months now, and I've learned more about this country than a year's worth of watching CNN. I've sat in mission briefs with Colonels, talked with village elders, had tea with Sheiks, played with the kids. And I agree with the President. We need more troops and we need to take greater action.

There are 3 major factions here. The Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. The Shiites are in the majority, but Saddam was a Sunni, so he kept the Shiites in check. Everyone hates the Kurds, who are Christian and in the vast minority. The Kurds received the brunt of Saddam's murderous tyranny. Now that Saddam is gone, the Shiites have taken control of Baghdad. The largely peaceful Sunnis are now the victims of radical Shiite terrorism. So the young Sunni men, who can no longer go to work and support their families, do what all young men would do. They join the Sunni militia and battle the Shiites. And thus the country sits on the brink of civil war.

But this war is between them. They largely do not concern themselves with the U.S. troops. The insurgents who battle the Coalition Forces are from outside the country. And the biggest problem down here isn't the insurgents. Its the politicians. The local politicians. Even though the country is controlled by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, downtown Baghdad is controlled by radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The Shiites follow al-Sadr and thus the Prime Minister does what al-Sadr says. Think of it as if a warlord controlled New York and blackmailed the President into diplomatic immunity.

When 1st Cav (mainly 2/5 Cav) came here in 2004, they took downtown Baghdad (known as Sadr City) by force. It cost many lives, but after a year, we held an iron grip on the largest insurgent breeding ground in Iraq. The insurgents were afraid of the 'Horse People', and rightfully so. But when 1st Cav left, al-Sadr influenced the Prime Minister to kick out the Coalition forces from that area of Baghdad. He said the Iraqi military forces could hold the city. But all that happened was al-Sadr regained control of his city, and it is now a heavily guarded fortress. A place where insurgents and terrorists can train and stockpile arms. And we cannot go back in because the Prime Minister won't let us. Our hands are tied.

So where does al-Sadr get his backing? From Iran and Syria. Iran supplies him with money and Syria supplies the terrorists. The insurgents that battle the Coalition Forces are from Syria, Somalia and dozens of other places outside of Iraq. Iraq is literally a terrorist breeding ground. They have terrorist and sniper schools here. Why not? They train by teaching them to attack the military forces here. And they have an endless supply of these training tools. They have factories in Sadr City to build bombs. Both Iran and Syria have openly proclaimed their number one goal in life is to destroy the great Western Devil and the little Western Devil (America and Britain). Iran wants to control Iraq to further this purpose. Al-Sadr will get to "run" the country and live like a king, but in reality Iran will pull the puppet strings. Iran will have access to thousands of radical Shiites who will do whatever al-Sadr tells them to. And Iraq will be used as a breeding ground for terrorism. Terrorism that wile targeted directly at America and Britain. The Iraq Study Group advised we should let Iran and Syria help with rebuilding? Bravo to President Bush for striking that idea down and vowing to keep those two countries out of Iraq.

So how do the Iraqi people feel about everything? Of course they don't want the Americans here. But they would far rather have us here than the Iranians. My platoon visited an average Sunni village on a patrol a few days ago. Their only source of income was to farm, as they could not go to the city to work for fear of violence. Many of the young men had already run off to join the militia for no other reason than to feed their families. They had no school or hospital near them and the community was dying. The village elder's granddaughter was very sick and I was able to treat her. Afterwards he invited me and my Platoon Leader to sit in his house and have tea with him, and we talked about the situation.

The people want peace. The Shiites kill the Sunnis because al-Sadr tells them to do so. The Sunnis fight back because they have no choice. They are glad Saddam is dead (Sunni or not), but do not want to replace him with another dictator in a politician's clothes (which is what al-Sadr will become). And they especially don't want Iran in charge. Many innocent Iraqis will die if this happens. These are the words that came out of the elder's mouth, "We do not want America here, and America does not want to be here. But you cannot leave because the militias control the country. America must use the might of its giant army and sweep through, root out and destroy the militias. Then Iraq can be free and you can leave."

What appears to have happened within our diplomatic community, is that Prime Minister finally realizes that his days are numbered. If al-Sadr remains, he will be kicked to the curb. So hopefully he is about to allow us to reenter Sadr City, root out and destroy the enemy. A dramatic troop increase will allow us to do this. And the Horse People are back and ready to finish what they started over 2 years ago.If leave now, it will be a failure for democracy. Iran will control Iraq and the end result will be more terrorist attacks on America. The American people don't want soldiers dying over here, but its better than American civilians dying over there. Do NOT forget 9/11. They will do it again. The moment we loosen our grip on the noose, they will do it again. And the only way to root out the evil here is to stop beating around the bush, increase troops and destroy the insurgents once and for all. The Iraqi government cannot do this on their own. The Iraqi security forces are inadequate for this task. We are the only ones who can stop al-Sadr.